About Janet

Here’s my personal Trauma to Triumph story (see lowlights listed below) and if I can come through all that and find ways to heal deeply and shape a life where my soul radiate with happiness and joy – then, believe me, you can too.

  • Overcame PTSD from childhood trauma
  • Survived a near-death experience
  • Escaped a toxic relationship with a bullying narcissist
  • Rebuilt my life 5 times over in five, with our move back home being the hardest
  • Used my positive mindset to get through almost losing my leg
  • Transformed my life after spending decades stuck in a grief-induced depression

Each TRAUMA has brought me a deeper understanding about healing and I now wish to share my healing stories and tools which completely transformed my life.

You too can TRIUMPH and create a life you love with the right SOUL MAGIC Coaching.

Soul Magic Coaching

SOUL MAGIC Coaching, to me, is about working with you in an easy and fun way to discover who you are at your core – delve down to uncover the authentic YOU. Then work what you are passion about and the things that make you feel great. Using this as a guide, we create a pathway to create a life which will bring you happiness. When you rekindle your soul passion, and reconnect with loving your life again – this is where the true magic happens.

By decluttering the things that don’t work and making space for the things that do – you will find renewed vitality, well-being and an innate excitement about your life again.

Soul Magic Academy

If you are like me and love learning, then Soul Magic Academy will open the door to boost your knowledge, grow your healing toolbox, and isnpire you to step up to the work of sharing this valuable wisdom with others.

How do fancy a mix of courses covering a diverse range of healing modalities, along with courses about key spiritual and energy topics?

Topics to excite your healing, soul awakening and creating your dream life.

Boost Your Love for Life

Courses to support you in claiming back your life through SELF: self-love, self-acceptance and self-awareness.

Spiritual Soul Magic

Learn about fun Woo Woo topics like using oracles cards for guidance, connecting with your Angel team and working with crystals.

Energy Systems - Mind, Body & Soul

Restore balance and harmony through working with your energy systems: chakras, advanced chakras, Vagus Nerve, your Aura and many more.

Write Your Book with Soul Magic Ease

Are you a coach or healer who dreams of writing a book but don’t know where to start?

Ahoy there… I love writing and have written quite a few books now and self-published (I’m a control freak and I like know I own the rights!)

I can help you to PLAN, WRITE and PUBLISH. I have a degree in Linguistics and Creative Writing and a background in IT and Project management, add that. tomy coaching skills and I am your very own SOUL MAGIC WRITING COACH.

 3 Fun Facts About Me

To help you get to know me better… and there are many more stories from my exploits, perhaps I will get around to writing my memoir at some point, watch out, as it will be a Bridget Jones adventurous farce.

I am fortunate to have had a less than conventional life, and looking back I value all the experiences and lessons along the way.  They have shaped me into the weird and wonderful Soul I am today and I love it, and I hope I will have time to add a few more!

Traveller Soul

I have lived in 5 different countries (Australia, France, Singapore, USA, Switzerland). And before returning to the UK, I lived in a chocoate-box chalet in the Swiss Alps.

Adventurous Soul

White-water rafting in Nepal, hotair ballooning; tobagganing; crossed a few rope bridges; flown in a biplane in Sedona; ziplining in Alaska and paragliding in the Swiss Alps.

Nature-loving Soul

I love being in nature, up mountains, sailing on lakes or swimming in the sea. But most of all I love my garden, it is my sanctuary.  Just being in Nature make my Soul sing.