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Welcome to a range of SOUL MAGIC Services and Extras to purchase to support your SPIRITUAL healing and SOUL transformational journey.

Tune into the power of your mind: clear energy blockages; embrace inner peace and calm; and gain clarity, empowerment and courage to move forward with your life authentically. All our meditations, workbooks, and mini courses are designed to take your a step closer to realigning and reconnecting wtih living a SOUL-LED life.

Law of Attraction Workbook

Download the Law of Attraction Workbook (PDF) to learn how to attract your Soul’s desire to manifest your dream life filled wtih joy and happiness.


Heart & Soul eBook

An ebook filled with stories, wisdom and exercises, shared by Caroline and Janet, on ways to start your journey to reconnecting with the YOU – at a heart and soul level.


Soul Magic Chakra blog post by Janet Groom

Oracle Reading Guide

Take the first steps into using oracle cards to unlock the Wisdom of your Soul for yourself. Download the guide and begin your journey to listen to your Soul.


SOUL MAGIC 11 Card Reading with Janet

Soul Oracle Reading

This 11-card Soul Oracle Reading will provide you with channelled SOUL guidance sent to you in report with extra insights and wisdom. Find the answer you need.


Following the MAGIC of your SOUL will lead you to find your true self.

Feeling lost, something missing, or just not happy with your life?

SOUL MAGIC COACHING is the way to unravel not only the mysteries of the Universe but to discover your purpose as you journey along your life here on earth.

Do you feel deep down that you are here to do something – something worthwhile to make a positive difference?

This is your SOUL calling out to you, as we all have a SOUL PURPOSE. Let me guide you to find yours.