Clearing Negative Energy

Beware Energy Vampires,
they are often so empty inside
they suck the life force from you. 

Taking Care of Your Energy Systems

If you are an EMPATH or HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSON (HSP), I am sure you will have felt drained being with certain people. They literally suck the energy from you – the energy vampires. Alternatively, you may be in a place filled with people and you absorb the energy, which may be a lot of negative emotional energy.

Either way, you need to learn to clear and cleanse your mind/body/soul energy systems to restore balance and recharge your system with positive energy to keep your energy flowing.

I am pleased to share with you that as an Empath, I now understand what is happening and have a range of simple practices to clear the negative and recharge with lovely positive energy.


Recognising when you feel drained or you have absorbed other negative energies is the first step to taking action to restore balance.

Learning to clear negative energy will
shift blockages and allow your energy systems to flow
and boost your health and well-being.

Here are some of my favourite ways to CLEAR and CLEANSE:


    Stand on grass in your bare feet and imagine roots growing down into mother earth (Gaia) and beautiful earth energy flowing into your body, clearing away unwanted blocks.


    Imagine a wonderful white (or golden) light flowing down from the Cosmos into your CROWN CHAKRA and filling every cells of your body with cleansing and healing light.


    A relaxing bath filled with Epsom Salts is a great way to remove toxins and negative energy, while allowing your mind and body to relax.


    Obsidian will help to absorb negative energies and protect you.
    Citrine is a powerful energy cleanser and transmutes negative energies.
    Amethyst will clear negative emotions and restore peace and calm.


    Solfeggio frequency 417 Hz will cleanse any trapped energies in your body. (There are a lot of options on YouTube to chose from.)


    Spending time outside in the sun, and nature, will ‘burn’ away the ‘bad’ energies, while nature will replenish with ‘good’. Have your tried ‘Forest Bathing’?


    Taking a dip in the sea is another way to ground and connect with nature, while at the same time it will wash away ‘stale/trapped’ energies. Even just being by the sea, or clean flowing water, will help to clear negative ions. 

Your health, vitality and well-being are governed by your mind/body/soul energy systems, so it is vital that you learn to care of them. Remember – YOU ARE ENERGY!

Recognising when you have been energetically drained by others, or taken on other people’s negative emotions, is an important first step to healing through CLEARING and CLEANSING.

If you wish to know more about CLEARING and CLEANSING – please tune into Episode 16 of The Heart and Soul Show (available on your podcast platform and on YouTube) – click here to watch/listen.

To be fully supportive and flowing,
learning how to clear away the ‘bad’
and recharge the ‘good’
needs to become a regular practice.


Are you ready to heal and transform your life?

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