Uncover Who YOU Truly Are by Rekindling Your Soul Magic Spark

HELLO I’m Janet Groom…
My soul purpose is to guide inspired Women, like YOU to find their authentic path and Divine Feminine empowerment by unlocking their soul potential and re-igniting their SOUL MAGIC SPARK to live a magical life and share their own unique magic into the world.

The Soul Magic of Three

Soul Magic Coaching is working with you to turn your life around and support you to achieve something magical and supporting you to create a life based on purpose and fufilment.



Unlock Your Potential

Together we delve into any obstacles to clear them and heal any past trauma, clearing the way to clarity, confidencewith connection to your SOUL WISDOM.

Write Your Book

Are you a spiritual business owner who dreams of writing a book filled with your unique wisdom and knowledge? Then, I’m here to guide you through the process step-by-step, making it easy to PLAN, WRITE & PUBLISH.

Learn, Grow, Shine

Discover a range of online courses to discover ways to heal, thrive and manifest a life of soul magic purpose. The more you LEARN the more you GROW and the brighter you SHINE.

Soul Magic is about Reconnecting with
Your Soul Wisdom

Do you feel disconnected from your life? Perhaps you feel something is missing? Or do you feel you are here to do something important but don’t know what?

Coaching is an effective way to get back on track quickly. Together we work to uncover your true self. Doing this you will gain a strong understanding of who you are and what you want in life by reigniting your passion and finding your soul purpose.


I have a wealth of knowledge and an extensive toolbox 

My SOUL PASSION is to support other incredible women reach their goal to create a life that is allows ignites their true passion. This makes my soul sing to see the light turned. The energy shift is magnificent.

Life is a gift and when you find your way back to what makes you feel good, your health and well-being return.

So, if you struggle with feeling stuck and disconnected… It is time to tune back into listening to you internal GPS for guidance.

Reconnect with Who You Truly Are

Discover what you really to be doing with your life – find you PASSION POINTS

Fall back in Love with YOU

Clear negative beliefs and learn become empowered through SELF-LOVE

Create Your Soul Magic Life

Once you know who you are and what you want, it is time to turn it into your reality – SOUL PURPOSE LIVING

Live a Life with Purpose

Living a soul-led life is shifting the lens of your reality to manifest good things with joy being your energetic fuel

“Janet is simply amazing.”

I have known Janet for a while and we do the Heart & Soul Show together. Janet has great insights as an empath and spiritual life coach. Also, she produces our incredible Heart & Soul ebook series – she has great creative ideas to get it just right.


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