Get to know me a little better – the weird and wonderful person behind the pen and the words.   Words have Power….


Coaching to support and guide you to write your book with your heart, ready to share your unique story with the world.


I am working on my first fiction book “The Naked Knitting Club’, a story of change and friendships.  I invite you to join my journey…

I believe in the MAGIC of the words, in particular, the written word.

I believe that WORDS HAVE POWER.

Even a single word, the right word at the right time, can inspire the reader.  

A collection of words can transport the reader to new exciting worlds, make them feel deep emotions from love to sadness, provide them with the courage to overcome a  major life challenge, and who knows, even climb a mountain.

I love how some words sound, and how they feel on your tongue.  I love how words look written on the page.  I am in awe at how they can be woven together to create magic.

Words have been my friend from childhood and served me well in my life. I wish to share with you my passion for words and help you to step into your “Word Power”.

Allow words to be your source of magic by choosing them wisely!