I support amazing women entrepreneurs to gain visibility and grow their business with an incredible book.


I remember my first reading book at school. There, in big bold print was my name ‘JANET’. That was it; I was hooked. Through school I was an avid reader. Most of my free time was either spent sitting up a tree imagining stories in my head or lost in an incredible adventures sitting on the window sill of the bedroom with my head bent over a book as the rain bounced against the pane.

Books saved me.

Words and Stories are extremely powerful – they are able to honour truth, encourage curiosity, and promote love, harmony and joy.

I was born and grew up in Northern Ireland at the heights of ‘the Troubles’. Being a very sensitive child, it was an extremely scary time, that was until I found I could lose myself in books. The stories whisked me away from the real world and transported me to a plethora of new places, from sandy beaches, to snow-capped mountains, and even a few dense jungles or plunged to the depths of the ocean; along with lots of weird and wonderful fantasy worlds. In other books, I gored on mind-blowing facts. Some stories inspired me, some made me cry, while others made me laugh. Who didn’t love solving a mystery with Miss Marple or Hercules Poirot or laughing, with tears trickling down my face, at the exploits of James Herriott in his vet series ‘All Creatures Great and Small’.

Books were my constant company, bringing me so much joy – and still, are.

Storytelling holds so much power and I realised that I was a natural storyteller, with stories and scenarios playing out constantly in my head. It wasn’t until many years later, I turned my dream of writing a book into reality with the publication of my first fiction novel ‘The Naked Knitting Club’, which I am currently working on building into a series.

Books should INSPIRE the reader, as much as it does the writer, and I have also now written two non-fiction self-development books and compiled a wonderful UPLIFTING anthology during the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Self-development books meld my two passions: transformational life coaching and writing.