The Power of Words

Words have Power

The words you use really have power both on the people around you and even on yourself.   It can raise your positive mindset and set you up for success, or make you doubt yourself and start to perceive the world as a negative and cruel place out to get you.

Think about it – when you read a book how does it make you feel?

Well, depending on the book or story you are reading, a well written set of prose will really take you on an emotional rollercoaster.   A good writer will search for the perfect WORD to evoke a reaction from the reader.

Words can be so emotive.

A wordsmith weaves an adventure for the reader, creating images in their minds, making tears trickle downs their face and making them gasp at a climatic point.    Through the right usage of words, you will fall in love with the tall-dark stranger, develop a hatred for the baddie, or feel your toes dig into the warm golden sands on an exotic beach.

I Love Words

As a writer, I adore WORDS.   I read a lot and I love finding a word that tickles me – words can make me DELIRIOUSLY happy.   I have a list of words I adore and look forward to opportunities to use them – like they call out to me and reach deep into my Soul.

Next time you are reading, a book or even a newspaper article, take more time to examine the words used.  You might be surprised at how the words connect with you, and might even find words you adore too.


In our modern world we believe that words are not so important, that they have been surpassed by emojis, texting and videos.   However, the opposite is true.   With the advancement of communication technology, we are using more written words every day – emails, reports, marketing scripts, sales pitches, advertisements and much more.   Perhaps there are less printed formats, but the on-screen, online words are exploding onto our screens and into our lives every day.  That is why it is more important to pick your words carefully.

In the business and corporate world too many people think it makes them clever to be seen to be using impressive vocabulary.  However, rather than helping it often creates a block for the recipient, and the message fails miserably to be conveyed, with the reader failing to grasps the key points or losing interest before realising there is an important action required.

When I worked in the corporate world, I witnessed this far too many times.   I am a firm believer in THE PLAIN ENGLISH movement, particularly a in challenging and demanding work world.  I suspect that is a topic for another blog post.

What I ask you to consider is to please give words the respect they deserve – choose them carefully and they will work for you.


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