Be Careful What You Say…

…because you are listening!

Do you ever think about all the talk going on in your head?   Next time the voice in your head starts up, and believe me it will, I invite you to just listen.

As a certified NLP Practitioner, I spent a long time learning how to change the way my mind operated and learnt some great techniques to shift from NEGATIVE to POSITIVE.   Even now, when I am not focussing, the old “Negative Mind Monkeys” creep back in and very quickly are running a mock trying to make me doubt myself and generally bring me down.   I will start to hear phrases like –

You are not worth it.

You can’t do it.

Who do you think you are kidding – you just aren’t good enough.

Some of you might have heard similar talk in your own head – and what is worse, is that after a while you are literally brain-washed to believe it and actually start to say these phrases out loud.

Seriously, we need to all stop and listen to the voices in our heads and if there are a lot of negative criticisms, recognise them and make a point to start to dig deep and pull out your PERSONAL CHEERLEADER – the voice who supports you with POSITIVE ENCOURAGEMENT.

It is worth working on this and turning up the volume on your CHEERLEADER “head talk” – as this will make a huge difference to your life.   You will become more positive, more competent, have more self-esteem, and become so much happier.

One technique I find really helpful is to write out a MANTRA – a short statement or series of statements, which I read regularly to remind myself of what I really need to be saying, for example:

I am capable.

I can and I will do it.

I have everything I need to be a success.

Go on… start listening today and only speak to yourself using POSITIVE and UPLIFTING words.    WORDS HAVE POWER – use them to your advantage!