The Business of Writing


So you want to be a serious writer, become a published author and make words your tool of choice…

Sounds great and there is a general belief that anyone can write a book.   Well, now with the advancement of technology and the fact that the internet has opened up the world to any budding writer, it certainly is much easier.   Anyone can write, for sure, however the reality is that a serious writer needs to put in the hours and build their following in the virtual and real world.   You need to constantly deliver top-notch offerings to keep your followers engaged – they want to get to know more about you, as well as your work.

It Takes More than Writing

In our modern era, a successful author not only writes great books, but there is the need to invest time and effort to ensuring that the world knows about the book and potential readers are reached.    Writing the book is almost the easy part (believe me there is a lot goes into a writing a well-contrived novel), with a large chunk of time required to keep social media outlets populated.   It is all about attracting, engaging and building a relationship with your audience.   Share with them aspects of your real life; treat them to snippets of your writing; show them that you are a human being first and a writer whose work captures their imagination, inspires them, and makes them laugh and/or cry.   We are all human beings in this world all living our lives and have experiences – and people who tend to be creative, like writers for example, are usually people who tend to live life to the fullest, thereby giving them great experiences to draw upon and inspire them in their writing.   I know that I certainly do this – a lot!


Social Media Marketing

Unless you live in a desert or a far-flung star – you are most likely using some form of social media, or at the very least are somewhat aware of it. Social Media is all about connecting people, and this is great for any writer, as our aim is to connect with our readers.  So don’t be shy – start to use it!

There are many options to chose from – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.  Make sure you find an option you feel comfortable with and are prepared to spend the time to work with.   Many people adore Facebook as you can set up a Page for your writer persona, and groups are a great way to connect and interact with polls, live videos, and sharing learnings.   Instagram is great if you are a visual person with images and short videos, and some people, like President Trump, really go to town with Tweets on Twitter.    Find the one that works for you.   Make sure you are comfortable in using the key aspects – if you are a total “technophobe”, perhaps consider roping someone in for support (kids are naturals with technology, perhaps you could persuade your teenage to lend a hand for some reimbursement).  Also, I would suggest that you do some research to find out what social media preferences your ideal reader/fan is using, and how they use it.

Once you are up and running do try to generate two-way conversations – invite input by posting questions or even a poll.


Over and above social media, there are other important actions to take to promote your writing/book.  Get up and personal with live event; for example, speak at writer workshops, and when you have your book; get invites to do book readings to groups or clubs where your ideal reader hangs out; or speak to your local bookstore and see if they will stock your book and arrange a book signing.

Be Heard – Be Seen

Additionally, if you can deal with some technical set up, or have someone who can support you – why not consider doing a Podcast Show or a TV Show on YouTube?   Your audience want to see you, get to know you, and hear the interesting things you have to share with them.

If you wish to be taken seriously as a writer you need people to get to know your writing, get to know you and become your “tribe”.   Treat writing like a proper job – do your writing, share your experiences, thoughts, and glimpses of your real life, consistently, and you will be rewarded.



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