Writing on the Go

Time to Break Free From Your Writing Desk

This week I had to go up to Zürich, some 2 hours by train from where I live in the mountains.   Now, usually when I make this journey, it is often early (and I mean early, I get up at 04.30!), as I normally accompany my husband on one of his days working in town.  The time on the train is usually whiled away listening to an audio book, or catching up on a Netflix series (right now I am enjoying the exploits of Captain Janeway and her crew on the USS. Voyager).

However, this week it has hit home to me just how much work I need to do to get my book ready for release later this year – I have realized to meet my deadline, I need to utilize all available time, and that includes long periods of time away from my desk.

On the train I ended up using the time to do a read through of the last piece I had written.   It was great as there were no interruptions and indeed many of my fellow commuters where also working, as many were students.  I managed to make some notes for improvements for when I come to the editing phase, as well as correcting some typos and several sentences that did not read well.    It also helped to refresh my memory all ready to pick up and continue with the next section.


Writer’s Café

In town, I had some time to kill before my appointment, so I visit a lovely café near the Opera House in Bellevue, where I enjoyed a coffee and spent just shy of two hours writing.   It was bliss.  I was happy to have company around me, creating a sort of “white noise” around me and I am sure it helped with my creative flow.   Sometimes I get more distracted by the overwhelming silence around me in my mountain hide-away.

Writer Cafe

Next stop, as I needed to stretch my legs and to recharge my laptop, I ended up at a Starbucks coffee shop (yes, we have a few around in Zürich, and I will admit I do enjoy their Cafe Latte).  Knowing where to find that all-needed power supply is a must, particularly if you are away from home for some hours.

Once I was all plugged in, I had a short break to enjoy my Latte and to people watch.   I am inately curious about people and find watching their behaviour and interactions extremely interesting.   In my mind I make my stories about them and who they are meeting and why.   I am sure if some of the people only knew what my imagination was generating, they would be surprised, if not shocked.   This is a great creative “improvisation” exercise, and sometimes it just provides you with an idea you will run with in your future writings.


Literary Light Luncheon

After Starbucks, it was time for a light lunch, and a location I often frequent during my days out in Zurich – Jemoli (a high-end department store in the heart of Bahnhofstrasse).   For me it is a safe haven, where I can grab a tasty lunch at affordable prices, there are toilets on hand and it offers another useful place to do more people-watching.   Alas, the only drawback is there are no power plugs.  I guess if they did put them in, then people like me (writers, business people and students) would really outstay their welcome.


Creative Progress

In the end, it proved to be a productive day. I managed to write a further 4,000+ words, and read through a previous section, as well as pick up a few character ideas.  Not on only did I boost my word count, but I had a notebook at hand and managed to save a few ‘golden nugget’ ideas before they vanished into the ether.  (One of my top writer’s tips – always have a notebook and pen at hand!)

In conclusion, I found that ‘writing on the go’ was rewarding and quite easy to accommodate with some forethought and a little planning.   I now am wiling to accept that as a writer, I don’t need to be confined to one location. I look forward to my next outing and I would encourage you too to grab your laptop and/or notebook and head out for a change of scenery.  You never know how it might inspire you and encourage your creative flow.

I would love to hear your “writing-on-the-go experiences”.




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