Time Illusion – Part I


TIME pressure.  There is no TIME like the present.   TIME waits for no man.

In our modern society, many of us run around feeling the pressure of time.   There is the stress of deadlines, appointments and schedules, with the constant feeling that there is never enough TIME.

I was reminded of this very topic on a recent trip to the northern part of Italy, from the rush of traffic around and the blare of car horns when the traffic would grind to a halt.   It would seem that every driver in Italy thinks they are on a racetrack – like the movies “Fast and Furious” – all in a hurry to reach their destination in the shortest possible time. 

Now just outside of Modena, in the region of Emilia-Romagna, there is a small town called Maranello.  One or two of you may be familiar with this name as it is the home for the famous Italian car Ferrari, a name synonymous with expensive sports cars and the acclaimed Ferrari F1 Grand Prix team.

Enzo Ferrari founded the company in 1947 in Maranello following his career in motor racing.  It was his passion.  From his incredible dream, he grew a brand that is recognised across the world by an army of motorsports enthusiasts.  As you wander around the museum you bear witness to the evolution of the Ferrari cars, both on and off the racetrack.  It is fascinating to see how the shape changed from a “bullet” shape to the new flat-look race cars with wings to work with aerodynamics to keep the cars on the road at the incredible speeds they reach today.

Each new development, in the shape and engine design, has the ONE specific desire to achieve faster times. Everything is tweaked, calculated, measured, weighed and tested – all in the name of gaining the advance of a few milliseconds.    On the F1 Grand Prix circuit today (2018), Ferrari drivers
Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel both reach top speeds over 320 km/h – in the early 1900s top racing speeds were pushing 120 km/h, increasing to 260 km/h by the late 1970s.   Of course, on the racing circuit the driver may receive applaud on winning, but behind every incredible racing driver is a team of engineers, designers, tire-changers and an entire production and support team.   Today’s limits are merely a goal to be broken and what seems impossible today, soon becomes the norm of tomorrow.

I admire that Enzo Ferrari had a dream, a focus and an unwavering passion.  Without him, there would be no Ferrari of today.  On one of the walls, as you walk around the museum, there is a quote by Enzo that really touched my heart – “You cannot describe passion, you can only live it”.  

Today the factory at Maranello produces approximately 9000 new cars per year.   A relatively low number for a car manufacturer, but when you realise the craftsmanship, engineering and design that goes into producing each vehicle, you start to appreciate the price tag.  Even if you have a bank balance to support buying a brand new Ferrari, you still need to be patient, as the average waiting list is two years.

So what did I learn from my visit to Ferrari and how we can all work to build a legacy?
Below are my top ten takeaways:

1)         Live your Passion

2)         Have an incredible Dream

3)         Take risks to forge forward

4)         Failures are part of the growing experience – learn from them

5)         Build a great team to support you

6)         Celebrate each small victory

7)         When you reach a goal – reach for the next one

8)         Impossible today – becomes possible tomorrow

9)         Allow your Passion and Drive to quell fear

10)       Time is an illusion we can bend to our will

When we write we should write because we are driven by passion, and we push the boundaries of our imaginations.   We should calculate, measure, streamline and test our writing skills – with the desire to constantly improve.   Don’t allow apparent failures to stop us, instead allow our passion to flame our desire for success.   Follow your heart and reach for the stars – a writer’s heart is bursting with the passion to tell stories, and somewhere there will be people who want to read those stories.



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