Endings and Beginnings


When one writing project ends, it’s time to get excited for the next one to begin.

The End

Towards the end of writing my book, I found myself starting to feel saddened. Can you believe it? I was reaching the end of a monumental project, and instead of feeling pleased, excited and happy; I was feeling uncomfortable and dragging my heels to complete the last part.

What Was Going On?

Anyone who has ever been engaged in a significant project, one in which they are wholeheartedly engaged and devoted, will perhaps recognise what I am talking about.

When you are committed to and enjoying what you are doing, you actually don’t want it to end.  A bit like a child enjoying a party and when it is time to go home, they don’t want to leave. Indeed, that it is how it felt to me – like the party was coming to an end, and I didn’t want it to finish. Or, when you are reading a book and the story is riveting, and suddenly you find yourself at the final chapter… do you find that you get that feeling, and you might even start to read more slowly, trying desperately not to reach the last page, the last word — and then it is over.

The End. It has a feeling of finality.

The Joy of Finishing a Project

When this happened to me as I was writing the last part of my debut fiction novel (The Naked Knitting Club, due for release November 2018), I had to draw upon my coaching experience and change my thinking. Shifting how I thought about the situation helped me to release the feeling of sadness and move to a sense of being proud of what I had achieved, and to allow myself to get excited about what comes next.

As a writer, we are driven to write. It is our creative outlet. Weaving plots, as well as bringing to life the characters born in our mind, is a joyous — if not sometimes a little frustrating — feeling. Like any artist, it takes a lot of time, effort, belief, determination, and love to do the work.

The ending of one project should be cause for celebration. We need to stand back, take a deep breath, and commend ourselves for a job well done. Even when we feel that there is still more work to be done, we need to permit ourselves to finish; otherwise, we would never complete a piece.

Make Way for New Beginnings

Wrapping up a project — any writing project, a blog post, a book, a poem — is exciting, as it opens the door to a whole new adventure. This is the way I look at it now. I allow myself the ritual of completing, celebrating and tidying up the old; then take some time to re-energise and release myself ready to start the new project with renewed vigour, a clear head to download new ideas, and the energy to keep going.

New Beginnings may also open new doors, take you down new paths, and allow new amazing characters to come to light. Oh yes, a new project is full of joy — and that feels good. There is a thrill of anticipation when you sit down and stare at a blank page — thinking about the range of possibilities that may come to light, once you pick up your pen and start to allow the muse to share her ideas with you.

The Journey is as Important as the Destination

You perhaps have heard the saying, “The Journey is as Important as the Destination”, and I believe, for me, that is definitely the case.

Writing my book was not only a long-term dream being realised, but it was one of the best experiences of my life. I have learnt so much on this journey.  I have learnt about writing, I have learnt about discipline, I have learnt about sacrifice, I also learnt a lot about myself. Writing my book was a healing experience and allowing my story to unfold and my character to come to life, was a phenomenal feeling.

Next Time

Always remember the more we write, and the more projects we have under our belts, the more we develop and grow. Know that each time you pick up your pen or sit about your computer keyboard, you are honing your skills. Try new things — be playful and enjoy the experience. Make it fun and break the rules, allow your unique style to develop, and step into your greatness.

Endings and Beginnings

Accept that writing comes in phases and cycles — just like the seasons.

Enjoy the time in one season, and rejoice when a new season comes upon us. Each new season brings with it its own beauty and rewards; and so it is with your writing projects.

So, now that I have completed one book, I celebrate it, allow myself to recharge, and I am already excited about the next project. Will it be a follow-up book – a book 2 in Cate’s adventures with the ladies from the naked knitting club, or perhaps I might feel inclined to take a different path and write a  book on an entirely different topic?

Writing is an exciting Journey — so enjoy the Beginning, the Journey, and the End Destination.

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