“Success” – friend or foe?

I invite you to spend a few moments to feel into the word “success”. What does it look like, or feel like for you?

It is a word that we all are familiar with. You learn about it early in life, when, as a child, you were praised for your success. You learned it had power. Power to bring your parents and other adults to lavish positive attention, approval and love, on you. It singled you out as the ‘special one’.

On the other side of the coin, you equally learned that ‘failure’ was not the place you wanted to be. Coming last, or being a ‘loser’ was to wear a badge of shame. Instead, you earned disapproving comments, displeasure and dismissal.

Many of us bought into this paradigm, like Pavlov’s dogs, we learned to keep ringing the bell of life in all aspects of our lives to win the accolades of our peers, bosses and society. We worked harder and longer hours to impress. The harder we strived for our reward, the more we lost touch with who we were — our very soul energy haemorrhaging like water seeping from a cracked jug.

Success can be like a drug – an addiction. Many learned to crave it. The seek the next fix – the ‘high’ on being on the receiving end of adoration and glory.

Now, I would like to challenge you with another question – “Do you crave success in your life?”

Success has been described as a double-edge sword, a false god, an empty chalice. It is a moment, snatched away at the very second we achieve it.

I, for one, will be changing how I view ‘success’ into my life. I, personally, do not wish to be controlled by the endless search for a fleeting moment of ‘feel good’. I choose to find a way to accept a life filled with joy, connection with people and experiences who make my heart sing, to enjoy freedom and live my life with my heart overflowing with love.

However, I will certainly cherish all those hard-earned wins along life’s journey — my most recent personal success to date is the completion of my debut novel “The Naked Knitting Club”. After 15 years of allowing fear and doubt to hold me back, I finally wrote the book in less than one year. Holding the printed book for the first time was an incredible feeling of success, and for moments like that in my life I am thankful.

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