A Christmas Story


A Story of Hope, Peace, Love and Joy

A story of Love, Peace, Hope and Joy

“Christmas isn’t a season; it is a feeling.” 
– Edna Ferber (Novelist, Writer & Playwright)

The Story of Christmas

I grew up hearing about the birth of the baby Jesus and his humble beginnings in a stable, being watched over by the animals as he was lovingly laid in a stall by his mother, Mary. The shepherds came to worship him, followed by the three Wise Men from the East to bring gifts to the new-born King. I love the nativity story, and the joy of watching children retell this unique story. It is part of my Christmas tradition.

Now I know that not everyone has the same Christmas story, and there are so many beautiful traditions celebrated around the world. Perhaps not the same story of the Christ child, but often stories of hope to inspire generations.

Believing in the Magic

For me at this time of year, it is a period to reflect on the year drawing to an end, while enjoying quality time with friends and family, sharing together the spirit of Christmas – love, hope and joy. It is also a time to exchange gifts with loved ones, and, of course, find a little something from Santa Claus– hopefully!

Somewhere along the way, commercialism has muscled in on the act, and now expectations are high, and letters to Santa grow longer with more and more demands. It is a shame that so many have lost the Magic of Christmas, with stress rising and many spending far beyond their means.

I love that the Swiss adopted a more straightforward approach to the festive season and they have their particular traditions with their own version of Saint Nicholas. The Christmas period is time for the family to get together for a meal on 24 December and gifts are small, often homemade cookies or chocolates, and because of that, they are appreciated all the more. 

Perhaps we can all learn from the Swiss, and bring back the MAGIC of Christmas into our festive celebrations, by refocussing on the parts that make it JOYFUL.

A Story of Hope, Love, Peace and Joy

Many of the Holiday period traditions are about bringing families, friends and communities together, to offer fellowship through LOVE and connected energy to bring PEACE.

In the winter, and I’m talking about the Northern Hemisphere here, the tradition of putting up lights around your home, sending out a warm and welcoming glow, is heart-warming to witness. The twinkling fairy lights on the Christmas tree brightens up the long dark winter nights, and along with the flickering candles, they representing HOPE – shining LIGHT across the world in even in the darkest of times.

Being with others we care about at this special time, is sharing LOVE; and in giving thoughtfully chosen gifts, we are opening our hearts to JOY. And that feeling grows in our hearts as we reach out and give to strangers whose need is more than our own. When you walk past a homeless person on the street who is cold and hungry – go and buy them something hot to eat and drink. When you see a stressed Mum battling with a pram and a tired and irritable child – offer them help. 

Share the love and even a simple smile of acknowledgement and understanding can go a long way. By caring and supporting one another in the spirit of ‘LOVE’, we are sharing the ‘Spirit of Christmas’, and perhaps this is something we can all continue to do throughout the new year ahead.

What Christmas Story are you Telling Yourself?

As we shift gear into the Christmas season, stop and think about your Christmas Story. What are your traditions, and what do they mean to you? Where do you bring the ‘Spirit of Christmas’ alive? Do you reach out and share the love to not only your family and friends but to the strangers in your daily lives?

Make this Christmas extra special by doing something extra special for someone who you don’t know – offer HOPE, share LOVE and bring them JOY!

Make this your best Christmas ever!

Wishing you all a Christmas filled with Love, Peace, Hope and Joy!

COMING IN 2019… The Year of You!

Starting with Self-Love, Self-Care and Self-Compassion

I am excited to let you know that next year will bring a new series of episodes on The WRITE Word Show, when I will be talking with some incredible and inspiring women about the importance of Self-Love, Self-Care and Self-Compassion.
This is a topic that many of us ignore, putting ourselves so far down our list that we often forget about ourselves, and as many of us find out the hard way, this often leads to issues of self-worth, low self-confidence and may even lead to health problems and possibly depression. 

Make 2019 the year you put yourself top of your list!
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“After all, self-care is not selfish, it is recharging your battery so you have more to give. Learn to FLY by First Loving Yourself!”