Make 2019 Your Year to Sparkle & Shine by Tuning into Self-Care, Self-Compassion and Self-Love

“The greatest gift you can give yourself is the gift of self-love.”

– Janet Groom

Time to Sparkle & Shine

New Year, New Me!

OK, it starts the same way every year, but this year I am determined to bring in the changes I long for. Enough — feeling sorry for myself. Enough — not caring about myself. Enough — making lame excuses.

This is the year I am digging deep to flick the switch in my head and make the changes happen.

I know what I need to do. It’s not rocket science, I need to WANT to make the changes from deep within — in fact, my Soul yearns for it. It wants to be free from the shackles of the emotional baggage I drag around. It desires to be lighter to shine brighter and revel in the waves of joy life brings my way. It wishes to fly and soar, as free as a bird. And I am the only one who can make it happen.

So, this New Year is not starting with resolutions which invariably fall flat at the first hurdle, but with powerful clear INTENTIONS being set, with my head and heart aligned with a deep sense of conviction –now this is the time!


I prefer now to set INTENTIONS, previously it was goals.

Intentions make me feel better. They are like strong wishes made by my Soul, with my head and heart onboard. Goals feel heavy and burdensome, whereas Intentions feel lighter, like butterflies surrounded with love and light, and this means they are easier for me to be drawn to — they appeal, which is a vital part of the process.

So now, I take time to tune into my desires for the year ahead and write down my intentions. I believe that writing them down helps to make them more real, like seeds being planted in the spring. These seeds are then watered with an unwavering desire to nurture them and bring them to life.

Inspired Action

Thinking about your INTENTIONS on their own is not sufficient to turn them into reality (oh, I wish it was!). It is important to consider each Intention and consider ways in which you can play your part to assist them to fruition. Let’s call this INSPIRED ACTION. That’s right you need to do something to aid the process. We need to look at ways we can do our part to help the intention develop and grow.

For example, last year I set the intention to write and publish my debut novel, an idea that sat with me some 15 years, but it only happened when I set a firm intention and did the work to turn it into a reality. On 27 November 2018, my first book ‘The Naked Knitting Club’ was released into the world.

Sitting thinking about it was not going to make it happen — I needed to take inspired action to shift it from a dream to a reality, and so it is with any intention.

Plans, Milestones and Goals

OK, I said that I don’t like goals, however they do serve a purpose as part of the inspired action. As a Transformational Coach, and former Project Manager, I know the value in planning for success when undertaking any project; along with the benefit of breaking it down into small steps.

So, once the Intention is locked in firmly in my heart, I sit down and assess what action needs to be taken, and then break it down to smaller, more easily achieved steps. I’m afraid there is no magic wand here, it is all down to doing the work and putting in the right energy to get those wonderful results.

I start with working out what is my desired end result, and then plan out the steps (milestones/goals) to get there. A ‘start at the end and work backwards’ approach, works for me. It’s like planning a journey — you normally know where you want to go, and then you work out your preferred route to get there.

Ownership and Choices

When you set any intention, you must ensure that it is what YOU truly want. You must feel a strong desire towards it. If you are doing it because you SHOULD then it will feel heavy, like a burden weighing you down, and this will not work. CHOOSE to make changes and set intentions that FEEL right to you, because you want to achieve them.
I guess I would describe it as your heart hugging the desire with a passion that does not want to let it go — your heart becomes entwined with the desire, held in a tight lover’s embrace.

Follow Your Heart

The only one who knows what is right for you, is YOU!

Over the years, I have learnt how important it is to tune into your heart and find out what is the right thing for you. YOU are the one responsible in this life for making the right decisions and choices for your own well-being. My HEART is my internal GPS system, and I tune in to it by placing my hand on my heart (heart chakra) and asking for guidance on what is the right thing for me.

If you are not used to doing this, start doing this and make the space to listen. After all, the person who knows you the best and what is the best for you — is YOU!

Self-Care, Self-Compassion & Self-Love

Stepping into your personal empowerment, knowing what is right for you and making choices to support your grow and development, comes from SELF-LOVE.

Unfortunately, many of us lose touch with this important aspect as we are conditioned by our modern society to bend to suit the wishes of those around us. We become so out-of-touch with who we really are that we become numb to what is right for us.

To get back in tune with ourselves, we need to grow our LOVE for ourselves, and this is done through self-care and self-compassion. Learning to be kind to ourselves. Learning to put ourselves to the top of the list and do what is needed to nurture ourselves back to a place where we feel ourselves again.

SELF-LOVE is the key to our personal success and happiness in life. By re-focussing on ourselves and boosting our own energy, health, happiness and well-being; we are then able to serve those whom we care about in a healthier way.

Write, Read, Believe, Achieve

I WRITE out my INTENTIONS to set them and allow my head and heart to get onboard and align with passion and drive.

I READ my INTENTIONS regularly (daily is ideal) to keep my focus fixed on them.

I BELIEVE in my desire and unwavering truth that they are in my highest good, and that I am being supported by the Universe to succeed.

I know in my heart I can ACHIEVE the results I want, and celebrate each milestone on the journey to my heart’s desire.

Sparkle & Shine

Following my heartfelt INTENTIONS, I find that my heart opens more and more. I feel lighter and brighter, my mood and general well-being improves. I feel I RADIATE and GLOW — my inner light is shining brighter and brighter. I feel much better in myself and I am able to deal with the challenges of life easier, without spiralling down into a dark depressive state.

LIFE is for living, for loving, for enjoying — set INTENTIONS now that make your Soul sing!

Go on and make 2019 the year you 
set Intentions 
to grow your SELF-LOVE, 
tune into your Heart and 
allow yourself to

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