Mindful Writing

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The Art of Feeling What You Write

Everywhere we look we see that we should be MINDFUL in our lives — Mindful breathing, mindful eating, mindful about our emotions. All great advice, in my humble opinion.

Our modern lives are so overloaded with noise, demands, information and activities. We race from one thing to another in our daily routine — from school runs, to lunch at our desks, to cramming in meeting with friends. Rushing around with hardly a moment to breath is the new norm. We are at the behest of our mobile devices, grabbing our phones at every available moment to check social media, news and updates. We are, or at the very least becoming puppets, to technology and life. The constant sensory and information overload has left many of us numb.

So MINDFULNESS is a crucial step for us, as human beings, to take back control. To learn to reconnect with who we are. Learn to breathe again and check in with how we feel. Feelings are an essential part of who we are. When you understand how we FEEL about something, you know whether or not it is good for us. Over the years, in my capacity of a Transformational Life Coach, I have been constantly surprised to hear clients says that they do not know what was good for them. Their rigorous lives have worn them down to a shell of who they really ought to be.

Be Mindful and Breathe

So what does MINDFULNESS have to do with writing? I hear you ask?

As a writer, I have learned to bring my coaching techniques into the mix to support my writing, and with great success. I have learned the importance of giving myself permission to write and be comfortable with the label ‘author’. I know that setting intentions for my writing works for me. And, importantly, I have come to the powerful realisation that being MINDFUL when I write is a major contributor to keeping the dreaded ‘writer’s block’ at bay.

Being MINDFUL as I write is a positive experience for me. I sit down to write and do my little ritual to allow the creative flow. Through a short meditation, I breathe, relax and invite the muse to be with me as I write. 

As I write the words, I take a moment to feel into the words I am using and connect with them. How do they FEEL? How do they SOUND?  How do they LOOK on the page? I feel connected with the words as they take form.

When I read through what I have written, I check-in and ask myself how does that make me feel as a reader? 

When you become a MINDFUL writer, you find the writing process becomes more natural and a much more fluid process. At the same time, your reader will have a more pleasurable experience too, and that is a win-win.

To help you tune into MINDFUL WRITING, I have created a short meditation for you. Click on the image/link below to download it and use it to boost your creative writing flow in a mindful way. Enjoy!

Click here to listen to MINDFUL WRITING MEDITATION