UPDATES 2021 – Books etc.

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Well, after the rollercoaster year of 2020 I’m just about settling down again mid-2021. Between an international move, the endless challenges of renovating (no… more like a full build!), finishing my degree, compiling the ‘UPLIFT Book’ and dealing with the impact of Covid — I am finally able to breathe again!

Now, I have some time to consider my next step as expectations and best-laid plans all went out the window. I will definitely continue to write and am already half-way through the second book in ‘The Naked Knitting Club’ series. YES — after the success of book 1 – Casting On, quite a few people have been asking for book 2, excited to know what happens next to our lovely protagonist Cate. With that in mind, Book 1 has been given a new cover which will be continued across all the books in the series, and I have to say I love it!

There will be some promotional work on Book 1 over the next few months, with Book 2 due for release towards the end of this year in time for Christmas. I am also gearing up to record an audio version of Book 1 which will hopefully come out at some stage in 2022. (Keep up on developments regarding The Naked Knitting Club series by signing up to the mailing list here >>> TNKC_MAILING LIST

Lots going on, and I’m toying with the idea of doing a completely NEW PODCAST SHOW talking to other indie authors (fiction and non-fiction) — so watch out! I miss talking to fellow authors about their writing journey and their incredible books, providing a much needed platform for indie authors to promote and showcase their work.

I also plan to get my act together to support other writers to produce and publish their own books into the world, offering BOOK COACHING. This was my initial plan, and it is still one that I feel passionate about. So many have great stories to share and either are challenged to find a literary agent/publishing house or just want to keep full control and copyright over their work — I’m here to help leveraging my own publishing journey, my diverse skill set on the technical aspects, and my knowledge of writing (including planning and editing) acquired from years of creative writing modules as part of my degree course. Additionally, I find my life coaching skills also help me to support writers along the journey, as it can be a deep soul-cleansing process. Either way, I am excited to work with authors who care and wish to leave a positive mark on the world. There will be limited slots available as I’m really keen to work closely with each author and help them to produce a professional level book. If you are interested in working with me, please email me.

Don’t forget you can grab a copy of The Naked Knitting Club – Book 1: Casting On (eBook and paperback) on the Amazon store.