First and foremost I am a book lover turned author.

I remember my first reading book at school and I was enthralled to see my name in the book. There, in big bold print was my name, JANET. That was it; I was hooked on books. I was an avid reader through school, and most of my free time was either spent sitting up a tree imagining stories of magical places and incredible adventures with me as the heroine, or sitting on the window sill of the bedroom I shared with my sister, head bent over a book.

Books saved me.

They whisked me away from the real world and transported me to sandy beaches, to snow-capped mountains, to dense jungle and lots more weird and wonderful places besides. Some books shared mind-blowing facts with me; some inspired me; some made me cry, while others made me laugh. I adored solving a mystery with Miss Marple and the next week laughing with tears trickling down my face at the exploits of James Herriott.

Books were my constant company and a total joy to me – and still, are.

Writing sets Your Soul Free. Give yourself permission today.


I enjoyed writing stories at school, and when I start to travel the world, I would love to write letters to my family and loved ones back at home. Of course, this was the era before Skype, Email and FaceTime. Back in the day, overseas letters were written on special lightweight blue-coloured airmail envelopes (gosh, am I showing my age!). Even when I started working as a secretary typing words were important to convey information, and, yes, I started on a manual typewriter (which I loated with vengeance!) Over the years, in different job roles, I have written economic reports, news articles and many “how to” guides and handbooks. Now is my time to bring all my amazing exploits, learnings and joie de vivre together. Of course, add in a good dose of my slightly quirky humour, and I am ready to share with you my thoughts, experiences and ideas on life in general in the written form.

Now I’m pleased to say that writing plays an integral part of my life. When I finally allowed myself permission to write my first fiction novel, it was as if the blinkers fell off and my life changed. It was such a liberating and healing experience I wrote my second book (Write to Heal:10 Ways to use Writing and Words to Boost Your Well-Being and Transform Your Life). I have now written four books and counting, with lots more to come; both fiction and non-fiction.

And even more exciting, I now support other amazing people to write their own books, sharing their own fiction stories, as well as non-fiction stories to inspire hope.

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Your stories need to be told. They are your gift to the world.