Time to look back and count our Blessings from 2023



This year has flown by and, certainly compared with the last few years, it has felt like a good one. There have been many highlights and I finally feel a deep sense of being grounded. After the turmoil (Covid and many other personal challenges), it is good to feel an innate feeling of contentment. So, let’s take a look at 2023 from my personal perspective…

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2023 REVIEW: Look Back over the Year and Counting My Blessings

1. Cherishing the Highlights:

Several big highlights for me are as follows:

(1)  Becoming a ‘Fur Baby Mum’ to a gorgeous, lively and curious Cockapoo pup called Bailey (Miss). Some of you may know my backstory of experiencing menopause as a teenager and never having the children I longed for. I suffered for decades with shame, self-loathing, confusion and grief. We adore Bailey and she has added a new dynamic to our family unit. A puppy is not easy, however she brings us so much joy.

Miss Bailey Boo Boo Cockapoo December 2023

(2)  A trip to Dubai with my friend to celebrate her 50th. Dubai has always held a fascination for me and having transited the airport a few times, I was curious to see the city. What a surreal place to visit. It was a fabulous experience and we created so many wonderful memories. That said, I prefer the stillness of nature over the contrived ‘disneyland-esque’ buidings of Dubai.

2. Acknowledge the Challenges:

This year I had surgery on my foot to correct and issue which was causing me quite a bit of pain. I am thankful to have the surgery over and it has made such a difference, I can now enjoy my daily dog walks. Having a period of recovery forced upon me, it reminded me to be grateful for all the simple things I take for granted – like having a shower, walking, being mobile and independent and driving my car. Additionally, it was a time to pause and enjoy the luxury of reading and indulging in some online learning, some of which I used to enhance my healing. Definitely, a number of learnings from the experience.

3. Store the Good Memories:

This year, I have also had a few visits back to Northern Ireland to see my parents and family. On both occasions we managed to get together and enjoy quality time catching up and being together. I am so thankful to still have my parents and I enjoy reminising with my siblings. In my mind I hold snapshots of these events as a reminder.

4. Learnings:

Life is one long learning adventure, and I firmly believe this. Every step along our spiritual journey is about experiences and learnings. Each time we face a challenge and come through it, we grow and learn something valuable. Keep learning and growing and acknowledge that challenges are merely ‘tests’ to uplevel. The last few years have been filled with obstacles and challenges, these have been reminders that I have what I need within me. This was a powerful time of growth for me.

5. Express Gratitude:

When I look back over 2023, there are many wonderful things to be thankful for (a few I have mentioned already). Each day is a new beginning and holds the energy of excitement, like a bud bursting into bloom. I now cherish my days and marvel at the world around me. My dear pup has helped me to stop and be curious about the world – she has helped me to shift my lens and see things in a new way… and for that, I am very grateful.

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Soul Magic with Janet living a life filled with Love and Joy

6. Set Intentions for the Future:

I prefer to set INTENTIONS as opposed to ‘goals’. The word ‘goal’ feels heavy and a burden, whereas an Intention feels lighter, more like a strong desire or wish. When it comes to manifesting your desires into reality, you need to hold the right vibrational energy. Feeling lighter and taking a more playful approach to your desires is more likely to be taken onboard by the Universe. The higher your personal vibrational energy, the better the results. I will be setting my Intentions at the end of December.

7. Celebrate Personal Growth:

2023 has been a remarkable year for my own personal spiritual growth. I feel there has been a strong shift in the right direction. I am more grounded, which means I feel more stable and secure (safe) where I am in my life and fear has subsided. I have been working on healing my ROOT Chakra and this has made a huge difference to my sense of well-being. Exploring new healing modalities has opened new doors to greater understanding. There is so much we don’t know and I am keen to learn beyond the limitations of this world.


I release and continue to release the things which are holding me back. I will welcome 2024 with a SOUL excited for the new and hold less fear for the unknown. When you step back from the daily grind, you start to witness a bigger and more expansive picture of reality. And this picture offers so much more than we can image.

May 2024 bring you many blessings and may your SOUL radiate with love and joy, that is my wish for every one and may peace grow through compassion, love and a deep connection of oneness.

Soul Magic with Janet radiate light and shine in 2024

Make 2024 the year
you allow your SOUL MAGIC to shine!

2023 Signature Janet Groom Soul Magic Coach

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