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Soul Magic Books are books that are written to uplift, inspire and transform lives in a positive way.

Some share stories of trauma to triumph, while others impart wisdom to support transformation and soul development along the spiritual journey.

Heart & Soul Book 2 10 Ways to Live a Heart & Soul-led Life by Janet Groom and Caroline Palmy

Heart & Soul Series - Book 2

Uncover the Secrets to Living a Heart and Soul-led Life!

This ebook is the second in the Heart & Soul – Discover the Magic Within series. In this ebook the authors, Caroline Palmy and Janet Groom, share their insights, wisdom, stories and experiences following the discussion topics from episodes 11-20 of the Heart & Soul Show (podcast and YouTube).

Heart & Soul Series - Book 1

Uncover the Secrets to a Life of Fulfillment and Spiritual Harmony!

Within this first book in this series, the authors, Caroline Palmy and Janet Groom, share their insights, wisdom, stories and experiences following the discussion topics from episodes 1-10 of the Heart & Soul Show (podcast and YouTube). First ebook in the Heart & Soul series.

Book - Write to Heal by Janet Groom

Use the Power of Words to Heal

Overcome Trauma, Negative Thoughts and much more with the power of your pen.

WRITE to Heal is a book that works with TEN different healing modalities that involve writing, proving that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword.
Learn to connect with the power of words and allow them to work magic in transforming your life. 

Book - Live the Rainbow by Janet Groom

Bring Colour Back into Your Life

This book is a rainbow-coloured guide to help you in finding ways to create a better life for yourself and support you to become the best person you can be. As well as covering the qualities of each colour, the book also mentions energy centres (chakras), words, crystals and foods associated with each respective colour. It truly is an insightful guide offering lots of options to ‘live the rainbow’ for body, mind and soul.

Book - Fiction - The Naked Knitting Club Casting On by Janet Groom

(FICTION) - Modern Romance

Cate’s life is mundane until everything changes when she makes a New Year’s resolution – one that she is determined to stick to. In doing so, she brings about the shifts she has longs for, no more diets, no more living on auto-pilot, it is time to accept herself for who she truly is. An accidental comment plants an idea that takes root, and Cate soon finds herself joining ‘The Naked Knitting Club’…

Book - I Choose... by Ellie J Hart

Allow Your Choices to Set You Free

The Choices we make set us free.Do you think about the choices you make and how they impact your life?

This book offers the reader 52 choice options and quotes to inspire and promote self-empowerment. Helping you to understand that you can take back control of your mind, your emotions and your life by focussing on the choices you make.

Are you a Coach, Healer or Entrepreneur who dreams of writing a book?

Can you imagine how it feels to write your SOUL MAGIC BOOK filled with your wisdom and knowledge out into the wide world?

I know many heart and soul-led coaches and healer would love to find a way to share their stories and guidance to reach more people – but don’t know where to start.

I love writing and enjoy collaborating to share GOOD STUFF. Let’s take the stress out and do it together and create your own soul magic book.

Also a book is an amazing way to get known, build your following and open the door to appearances on podcasts and even on radio/TV.