The Power of Storybooks

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The Power of Storybooks - why I believe that stories can make or break us, and why your unconscious mind loves a good story.


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Find out how you can overcome Writer's Block with simple MINDFULNESS writing techniques.


As a writer, your desk is your creative sanctuary, When your space becomes a dumping ground, it is time to sort out the chaos and free up space for your creative energy to flow again. Time to get ruthless and DECLUTTER.

Endings and Beginnings

When one writing project ends, it’s time to get excited for the next one to begin. The End Towards the end of writing my book, I found myself starting to feel saddened. Can you believe it? I was reaching the end of a monumental project,…

The Magic of Writing

Words are Powerful - they create magic in the heart and mind of the reader. Why do people write?  Why do I write? Stepping into my role as a writer has been one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life.  It has been 15 years…

Finding My True Self

Who am I really and truly?  Do you know your real self? OK, this is a big scary topic.  We all hear the word TRUTH used around us on a daily basis, and to be quite honest, many of us hear the word but are numb to it.  We use it, but honestly,…

Time Illusion - Part III

TIME ebbs and flows.  PATIENCE is a virtue. This is the third part of the "Time Illusion" trilogy, and once again it is based on my personal insights and learnings following a recent trip to Italy.   In this blog post, I share with you…