Write Your Book this Summer

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So, if you want to get your long-dreamed of book out into the world in 2022, you need to start that journey TODAY!

You are an incredible woman running, or starting, your own business and you have wisdom you wish to share with the world – a book is a phenomenal way to put yourself out there as an EXPERT, while also growing your business.

MANY small businesses have found that a book has proven a low investment that opens doors to opportunities to GET KNOWN, build credibility as an expert in your field and allow new clients to connect with you. It is a massive WIN-WIN-WIN!

If writing a book has been on your business strategy plan for a while now and you have come up with lots of excuses NOT to do it, perhaps it is time to shift it up the list and make it a PRIORITY.

RIGHT NOW, I am offering a summer special offer on my 3-Month Author Support Program – you get 1-to-1 support to write and self-publish your BUSINESS BOOSTING BOOK in 3 months. It might seem impossible, but I’m here to take you step-by-step through the journey from concept to launching your book. You will also get a session to put in place a strategy to MARKET your book and learn ways to promote yourself and your book to grow your fabulous business. There are limited spots available for the SUMMER SIZZLING PRICE OF £900 (saving £300) if you sign up to work with me starting in June, July or August.

Contact me to have a quick chat and let’s get your book started today – Yes, I’m ready…


Press #1 for Re-set

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Here we are almost half-way through 2022 and I’m only settling into some sort of creative flow after what only can be described as surviving the ‘rabbit hole’.

Now, I’ve not been shy in sharing with you how I have been struggling with mental health issues for as long as I can remember – and I was very proud of my work to keep them at bay quite well. Why, I even wrote a book ‘Write to Heal – 10 Ways to Use Writing and Words to Boost Your Well-being and Transform Your Life‘, in which I shared ten simple and effective tools to help take back control of your life and develop a more positive mindset to cope (I still stand by this book – some great stuff in there, if only I had listened to my own good advice!).

As it turned out my mental health was badly impacted by culmination of extenuating events (a stressful international move, building a house, lockdowns and health issues). Instead of things improving as Covid-19 eased it tight-grip and we moved in our new home, I was in freewill mode tumbling further and further in the dark abyss. Of course, I tried a number of things to save myself… but nothing worked. It was an incredibly frightening time.

Finally, I spoke to a GP who suggested that MENOPAUSE might just be the culprit. I was a little sceptical as I didn’t get the usual symptoms (night sweats, hot flashes, memory fog…). No, I am one of the few women where menopause causes SEVERE DEPRESSION (and I mean it was scarily severe). Fortunately, I was given HRT (Hormone Replacement Treatment) and within a week I felt like a completely different person, more like myself again.

So, at long last, I am rebuilding my life and finding my way to creating something that gives me purpose, provides interaction with people and allows me scope to write. I have almost completed the first year of my Masters in Creative Writing and looking forward to enjoying a summer reading a few more books from my TBR list.

If you are eagerly awaiting Book 2 in The Naked Knitting Club series – please be patient a little longer, until normal service is resumed. Thank you – it will be worth the wait! In the meantime, why not grab a copy of Book 1: Casting On (or re-read it).

The Naked Knitting Club – Book 1

UPDATES 2021 – Books etc.

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Well, after the rollercoaster year of 2020 I’m just about settling down again mid-2021. Between an international move, the endless challenges of renovating (no… more like a full build!), finishing my degree, compiling the ‘UPLIFT Book’ and dealing with the impact of Covid — I am finally able to breathe again!

Now, I have some time to consider my next step as expectations and best-laid plans all went out the window. I will definitely continue to write and am already half-way through the second book in ‘The Naked Knitting Club’ series. YES — after the success of book 1 – Casting On, quite a few people have been asking for book 2, excited to know what happens next to our lovely protagonist Cate. With that in mind, Book 1 has been given a new cover which will be continued across all the books in the series, and I have to say I love it!

There will be some promotional work on Book 1 over the next few months, with Book 2 due for release towards the end of this year in time for Christmas. I am also gearing up to record an audio version of Book 1 which will hopefully come out at some stage in 2022. (Keep up on developments regarding The Naked Knitting Club series by signing up to the mailing list here >>> TNKC_MAILING LIST

Don’t forget you can grab a copy of The Naked Knitting Club – Book 1: Casting On (eBook and paperback) on the Amazon store.