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8 APRIL 2024

7pm (UK)  8pm (CET)  2pm (EST)

If you feel fed up with your Life and know that you are meant to be doing some more - this workshop is for YOU!

Join CAROLINE PALMY and JANET GROOM for this online workshop to take the first step to finding the answers you seek.

The workshop will introduce the key steps to beginning your spiritual and healing journey. You will gain an insight into simple techniques to use on a daily basis and start to shift from negativity towards uncovering a new way of living from your HEART & SOUL.

We totally get you!

Caroline and Janet have been on their own ‘Pain to Purpose’ journeys. They understand how it feels and through their own experiences and learnings, they have a great deal of wisdom and insights to share.

CAROLINE PALMY is an author, speaker and Heart Flow Healer. She radiates love and with a gentle nurturing smile, she guides her clients back to finding LOVE through reconnecting with their powerful heart space. Her energy is calm and deeply loving.

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JANET GROOM, is an author and Spiritual Life Coach with a focus on SOUL MAGIC. She believes that our SOUL is our true essence and when we tune back into listening to our SOUL for guidance, things will fall into place. Your Soul will bring your clarity on your purpose and earth mission.

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Reignite Your Spark Workshop Hosts Caroline Palmy and Janet Groom

Time to Shift from
Fed-up to Fired-up

This workshop will provide you with the first steps to gaining clarity to uncover who you truly are.

Each one of us has a BLUEPRINT for our LIFE PURPOSE, and this is our reason for being here on planet earth. It is contained within the core of our life energy – our SOUL – and it is activated by learning to live from your heart space and be guided by your intuition.

We know what it is like to feel LOST and STUCK in a life that doesn’t feel right and how miserable it can be. Unlocking your heart and re-igniting the connection with your Soul will create shifts in your life that you  thought were impossible.




Introduction to the workshop session, and get to know Caroline and Janet.


Starting your spiritual and healing journey begins with the first step of ACCEPTANCE.


Caroline will guide you through the process of stepping back into living from your heart with LOVE as your fuel. Her session will include a guided meditation.


Janet will share with you the importance of reconnecting with your ‘internal GPS’ as your own way to gain clarity in all aspects of your life.


Wrap up with quick round up of key take-aways, resources and next steps.

Reignite Your Spark Workshop mockup

Change is a door that can only be
opened from the inside.

Consider this to be your PERSONAL INVITATION from Divine Source to take the first step of your journey to transform your life from one that leaves you feeling lost and, perhaps, miserable, to one that opens a door to living authentically.

What You Will Learn

This workshop is only the beginning of your adventure, should you choose to accept it. Spiritual development is a life-long pursuit with each person’s journey being unique for them. However, it is the journey more than the destination which offers us the opportunities to heal, grow and relearn forgotten wisdom. It is a beautiful and complex path woven through our experiences and learnings.






As you step out of your comfort zone to embrace the power of change, you will be challenged to assess your life and work through the process of ACCEPTANCE.

Some aspects of your life you can change and other areas are outside your control. Learning to accept the things you cannot change is a game changer.




    Caroline will lead you through the importance of LOVE, and in particular SELF-LOVE. It is not always an easy step in your transformational journey, but it is necessary.

    Caroline’s session includes a lovely meditation to help you reconnect with your heart and shift blockages.




      Soul Purpose

      Janet, in this session, will guide you back to unlocking the wisdom held in your Soul.

      You will be reminded how you can tap into this guidance to find clarity for your life purpose and soul mission.

      Your SOUL is your very own internal GPS.

        Workshop BONUSES


        Heart & Soul Workshop - Reignite Your Spark - Replay

        Access to Zoom Replay

        Receive a link to re-watch the workshop at your leisure and absorb more information to promote your spiritual awakening.


        Heart & Soul Workshop - Reignite Your Spark - Workbook

        Printable Workbook

        Download the Workshop workbook and print out to review focus points and anchor techniques.


        Heart & Soul Workshop - Reignite Your Spark - Meditation

        Downloadable Meditation

        Download and listen to Caroline’s beautiful meditation to unlock any heart flow blockages.

        Reignite Your Spark Workshop Oracle Card Reading

        Join us LIVE at the workshop and
        we will pull an Oracle Card especially for you.