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I co-hosts the HEART & SOUL Show with the gorgeous Caroline Palmy. Each weekly episodes has a focus on a range of topics about life, spirituality, energy systems, healing and much more. Join us for a real and open discussion sharing our insights, real world experiences and we share a few healing gems and tools too.

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Janet Groom

I am a certified Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki Master, NLP & Hypnosis Practitioner, Meditation Teacher and author. I love crystals, chakras, music and reading oracle cards to offer soul guidance to my gorgeous clients. I offer coaching based on SOUL MAGIC mixed with practical earth magic.

My mission is to make this world a place filled with SOUL-led people, with compassion, love and peace at its core.

Spiritual Life Coach, Soul Energy Healer
& Author


 Caroline Palmy

I am is a HEART-.led self-love pioneer leading the way for women over 40 to release their blocks, regain a deep sense of self and step onto the path to a fulfilled life. Using a mix of my personal life experiences, powerful, intuitive Energy Healing, and deep insight.

As a mother, empath, introvert, and Spiritual Sherpa – I take all my gorgeous clients on a gentle path of self-discovery and inner healing.

Heart Flow and Energy Healer, Speaker & Author

Heart & Soul Episodes

In a world filled with noise, negativity and fear-mongering – we aim to share uplifting messages and insights. We care about supporting amazing women to raise their vibrations and pay forward ‘good stuff’. Below are a few of our favourite episodes to inspire you, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!

Heart & Soul eBooks

Delve deeper into the topics discussed during the show in the series of Heart & Soul Show ebooks.

This eBook beautifully weaves together spirituality, self-love, and personal growth in a way that’s not only profound but also easily accessible. The chapters are like a roadmap to nurturing your inner self and embracing a more soulful life.

Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation. This eBook is your guide to embracing a life that’s truly heart and soul-led.