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Are you Ready to UNLOCK Your Soul Magic?

HELLO I’m Janet, and My SOUL MISSION is help UPLIFT THE WORLD by guiding people back to reconnecting with their true divine guidance and manifest a life they love.

Are you are a soul-led entrepreneur looking to GROW YOUR BUSINESS?

Then let’s talk about writing your SOUL MAGIC BOOK. A book is a fantastic business tool to connect with your ideal client, grow your visibility and be recognised as an expert in your field.

to Growing Your Business

In today’s world, the range of technology and social media at our finger tips allows any business to extend their reach across the globe. Both writing a book and creating an online course or program is a powerful tool to grow your business, while also putting in place mechanisms to create recurring income streams.



Unlock the Key to Find Your Soul Purpose

Spiritual Life Coaching to learn your purpose in life through unlocking the wisdom and knowledge held within at your core and reconnect with your Soul.

Hub for Soul-led Learning and Healing

Courses and programs to promote soul growth, healing and how to manifest a life that is truly magical for you.
Life & Healing / Business Growth / Writing

Write Your Book and Grow Your Business

Write a book to boost your soul-led business with ‘The Ultimate Soul-led Book Writing Program’ – plan, write, publish and promote.

Soul Magic is about Reconnecting with
Your Soul Wisdom

Do you feel disconnected from your life? Perhaps you feel something is missing? Or do you feel you are here to do something important but don’t know what?

Coaching is an effective way to get back on track quickly. Together we work to uncover your true self. Doing this you will gain a strong understanding of who you are and what you want in life by reigniting your passion and finding your soul purpose.


I have a wealth of knowledge and an extensive toolbox 

My SOUL PASSION is to support other incredible women reach their goal to create a life that is allows ignites their true passion. This makes my soul sing to see the light turned. The energy shift is magnificent.

Life is a gift and when you find your way back to what makes you feel good, your health and well-being return.

So, if you struggle with feeling stuck and disconnected… It is time to tune back into listening to you internal GPS for guidance.

Reconnect with Who You Truly Are

Discover what you really to be doing with your life – find you PASSION POINTS

Fall back in Love with YOU

Clear negative beliefs and learn become empowered through SELF-LOVE

Create Your Soul Magic Life

Once you know who you are and what you want, it is time to turn it into your reality – SOUL PURPOSE LIVING

Live a Life with Purpose

Living a soul-led life is shifting the lens of your reality to manifest good things with joy being your energetic fuel

“Janet is simply amazing.”

I have known Janet for a while and we do the Heart & Soul Show together. Janet has great insights as an empath and spiritual life coach. Also, she produces our incredible Heart & Soul ebook series – she has great creative ideas to get it just right.


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