So far I am thrilled to have written and brought two very different books into the world, one fiction and one non-fiction.

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Write to Heal

Overcome Trauma, Negative Thoughts and much more with the power of your pen.
WRITE to Heal is a book that works with TEN different healing modalities that involve writing, proving that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword. Learn to connect with the power of words and allow them to work magic in transforming your life.

Find out how you can learn to express yourself, shift your emotions and overcome trauma, all by using simple techniques. If you enjoy writing, you will find lots of ideas as to how to use your passion for writing to transform your life. 

Truly this book can make a change in your life. Read this book and have fun doing the exercises that Janet gently guides you through.

5-Star Amazon Review

Live the Rainbow

This book is a rainbow-coloured guide to help you in finding ways to create a better life for yourself and support you to become the best person you can be. As well as covering the qualities of each colour, the book also mentions energy centres (chakras), words, crystals and foods associated with each respective colour. It truly is an insightful guide offering lots of options to ‘live the rainbow’ for body, mind and soul.

Follow the suggestions, and start to observe the colours in the world around you, and allow yourself to step into an amazing life filled with the colours of joy, happiness, fulfilment and peace. 

The world is full of colour – you just need to open your eyes and take the time to look and enjoy.

Bold and Colourful.
Vibrant Delight!

— ARC Readers


The Naked Knitting Club – Casting On

Cate’s life is mundane until everything changes when she makes a New Year’s resolution – one that she is determined to stick to. In doing so, she brings about the shifts she has longs for, no more diets, no more living on auto-pilot, it is time to accept herself for who she truly is. 
An accidental comment plants an idea that takes root, and Cate soon finds herself joining ‘The Naked Knitting Club’, which is run by the eccentric Luna. 

Taking the monumental step to get naked with a group of strangers sets a journey of self-discovery and transformation into motion. Cate learns that a bunch of strangers can become real friends when you are brave enough to take a leap of faith. After all, true friendships are what you need when facing the ups and downs of life. Cate’s life will never be the same again. 

Think ‘Bridget Jones’ meets ‘Calendar Girls’ — a rollercoaster read, filled with laughter, tears, fun, friendships and romance.

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I loved this book. I couldn’t put it down. Loved the characters and can’t wait to see what happens next.

— 5-Star Reviews