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Hello and welcome,

My dear friend, Caroline Palmy and I have joined forces to bring you the HEART & SOUL podcast and YouTube show to you. Our aim is to bring an authentic heart and soul-led episodes to uplift and inspire, and perhaps answer some questions you may have about spiritual healing or how to change your life around.

Each week we talk about different topics relating to spiritual matters, life issues and much more, in 20-30 minutes. We draw on our own experiences, share any wisdom we may have and hope to inspire you to reconnect with your heart and soul to live your best life.

If you have any questions or interested in talking with Caroline or myself, please reach out (links below).

We look forward to you joining us – a great excuse to grab a cuppa and take a short time-out from your busy life.

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Episode 7: About Introverts

What it means to be an Introvert.

Caroline and Janet both share their own experiences of being Introverts. They share some simple tips to coping and the importance of self-care and boundaries.

Episode 6: About Inner Peace

Finding your way to Inner Peace

Caroline and Janet both share their own experiences of INNER PEACE and how life is when you go with the flow. They also share some simple ways to connect with your inner peace.

Episode 5: About Love

LOVE is all you need

Caroline is a Heart Flow Healer and is all about LOVE, while Janet believes LOVE is a key factor in healing your body’s energy systems. 

Episode 4: About Angels

Do you believe in Angels?

Caroline is an Angel guru, so in this episode Janet is asking lots of questions. Hear how both have had Angel intervention into their lives. Learn how you can easily connect with your Angels for support and guidance.

Episode 3: About Empaths

What is an Empath?

What it is like being an Empath – Caroline and Janet share their personal experiences of learning they were empaths and how it helped them discover it was a gift and not a weakness or a flaw.

They also share some techniques to protect yourself as an empath.

Episode 2: About Fear

How fear impacts us. The health impacts of long-term fear.

Ways to overcome fear and take back control of the things you can change, and learn to access the things you cannot. 

How fear fuels anxiety and depression.

Episode 1: Heart and Soul

Meet Caroline and Janet as they introduce the show and talk about what ‘Heart and Soul’ means to them.

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