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Unlock Your SOUL MAGIC
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Empower Your Soul, Transform Your Life

Unlock Your Potential to Transform Your Life

Soul Magic Academy offers soul-led courses and programs to inspire and uplift.

Soul Magic Academy - courses and programs to inspire healing and spiritual growth

Soul Magic Academy

At the heart of Soul Magic Academy lies our commitment to guiding soul-led women through their journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Our courses are designed to empower you to live a life filled with well-being, joy, abundance and peace.

Our Mission

We strive to inspire and nurture the spiritual awakening and personal growth of every woman who joins our community. Embrace a transformative learning experience that connects you deeply with your truth to unlock your Soul Magic!

Why Choose Us?

Our unique soul-led approach to training combines inner Soul wisdom with modern practices to provide a comprehensive learning environment that supports your entire healing spiritual journey. We help you to unlock the knowledge you hold within your core essence.

Explore Our Courses

Soul Magic Academy - Reignite Your Spark Masterclass

Reignite Your Spark

A masterclass to kick-start your journey to realigning with your Heart and reconnecting to your Soul wisdom for guidance.


Soul Magic Money Mindset

Learn to shift Limiting Beliefs around money and harness your new money story to attract abundance into your life and business.


Soul Magic Academy - Learn to FLY First Love Yourself, Self-Love course

Learn to FLY (First Love Yourself)

Return to LOVE and learn how Self-love is the key to transforming your life completely – starting with you.