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There is no love without forgiveness,
and there is no forgiveness without love. 


– Bryant H. McGill

Do you struggle to FORGIVE?

I know from my own healing journey and from working with my clients, that the FORGIVENESS part of the healing process can be extremely challenging.

Many of us harbour anger/fear/resentment towards others for a multitude of reasons: perhaps something terrible happened in your childhood and you blame your parents; maybe you were wrongly accused of something; or you experienced an accident: or was the victim of a crime. And YOU carry this fear/anger/resentment around with you (heavy emotional baggage), while it slowly eats away at your happiness, self-esteem and hope to create a life you can enjoy.

Finding the strength to FORGIVE is deeply healing and allows you to release that heavy burden – that’s right, the one you are choosing to weigh yourself down with and allowing it to suck the life force energy out of you.

Forgiveness is the way to reclaiming your right to a happy life.

Isn’t it time you found the strength to forgive someone and free yourself to move on?

Allowing yourself to remain a victim
is to choose to continue torturing yourself
long after the event has past

)I know it might sound odd, but as part of the FORGIVENESS process you will need to take the step to FORGIVE YOURSELF.

Why on earth would I need to do that? I hear you ask…

Well, when you allow a past event to hold you in fear/anger/resentment, you are choosing to hold onto it (which is a normal response). However, it is up to you to let it go and as part of the process you need to forgive yourself for the part you have played in holding on to being a victim.  Believe me, I struggled to get my head around this concept… but it is a key step towards FREEDOM.

Fortunately, there are TWO simple tools you can use to do forgiveness work:

1) Ho’oponopono – Hawaiian Forgiveness Prayer (see below)

2) Forgiveness Letter

Write out a letter sharing your thoughts/feelings – an open and honest expression of all the anger/fear/guilt/shame/frustration/resentment you may be bottling up then give your whole hearted FORGIVENESS.  You don’t need to send the letter, you may choose to destroy it – it is about expressing your feelings and letting them go and finding forgiveness in your heart to free yourself from the situation’s hold over you.

(You can find out more about these two practices by listening to the Heart & Soul Episode 14 on Forgiveness or turn to Chapter 8 in my book Write to Heal book)

we are unable to release all the wounds and trauma
that hold us stuck in victim mode.


If you are ready to free yourself from trauma to allow yourself to move forward and manifest a life you love,
I am here to support your on your healing journey – click the button below to find out more about working with me.

WRITE TO HEAL (ebook and paperback)

Overcome Trauma, Negative Thoughts and much more with the power of your pen.

WRITE to Heal is a book that works with TEN different healing modalities that involve writing, proving that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword. Learn to connect with the power of words and allow them to work magic in transforming your life.Find out how you can learn to express yourself, shift your emotions and overcome trauma, all by using simple techniques. If you enjoy writing, you will find lots of ideas as to how to use your passion for writing to transform your life.

* Stop suffering and heal the pain from your past.
* Forgive and release relationships and open yourself to healing from the inside out.
* Reconnect with the power of your passion and create the intentions and desire for a life you desire.
* Boost your mindset with powerful positivity exercises.
* Use your creativity to re-write your life.

This book is for anyone who is ready to embrace change and shift their life from a negative place to a place where they can once again enjoy the wonders and beauty of the world around them, and ramp up their happy vibrations. Grab your pen and journal and start your healing journey today.

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