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Their wings wrap gently around you,
whispering you are loved and blessed.

– Angel Blessing

Do you believe in Angels?

When I think back across my life, I know that someone has been looking out for me.

On one occasion, when my car was in a freak accident – it was hit by a cable, which caused me to miss the turn into the corner and the car I was driving rolled off the side of a Swiss mountain. I can honestly say that I thought that was it – game over.

Surprisingly, I was calm and I remember thinking if I’m to die now, I have had an incredible lifeas the car rolled and slid down the steep bank. There were many things that day which miraculously fell into place. Firstly, where the accident happened had a good number of trees down the bank which stopped the car plunging down into a valley, and secondly, there were people working across the road from where it happened and they saw the car go over – normally they would have not been around at that time. As I was hanging upside down in the driver’s seat, they called for help and rushed to my rescue. Apart from a few bruises, a stiff neck and being embarrassed – I walked away, whereas the car was a write-off.

I will admit I was anxious about driving again especially on that twisty mountain road. I had to do a lot of work to push through my fear. And now, every time I drive, I call upon my ‘angel team’ to keep me safe.

I wholeheartedly believe if I had not done so, I would have died that day.

Angels support us, we need only ask for their help and
provided it is for our highest good, they will do so.

Growing up in a religious household, I was very aware of angels from a bibical perspective. However, they never felt real but merely images in children’s bible story books.

As I progress on my spiritual journey, I have become a believer and know there are forces around us supporting us throughout our life experiences. When I have been in frightening situation (both real and imaginery – blame my active imagination!), I always call upon my ‘angel team’ to be with me and keep me safe.

They guide us as we seek to become better versions of ourselves, to heal trauma, change old patterns and step into love. By inviting ANGELS into our lives and putting our trust in them – having FAITH – life will start to shift in many positive ways. And when challenges arises (as they will do), we are better equipped to deal with them – and not feel so alone.

You will never feel alone when you invite your Angel Team to support you.

If you wish to know about ANGELS, please listen/watch Episode 4 of the ‘Heart and Soul’ show with myself and the incredible Caroline Palmy when we chat about our own personal experiences of working with angels.

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