Saying NO to OTHERS is saying YES to yourself.

– Anon

Do you find it hard to say NO?

Saying NO is very hard for many people and especially women who have been conditioned from childhood to care for others and put their own needs aside. 

I know this was me – I learned to be a people pleaser. I like the praise and acknowledgement of being a ‘GOOD GIRL’, which I know understand was my own lack of self-worth. I was a MARTYR serving the will of others and allowing my own desires to be pushed away.

This works for a while, but over time I came to resent the role I have fashioned for myself. I would say ‘YES’ – out of habit – and then get angry and frustrated with myself. And to be honest, people would take advantage of my kind and generous nature, which led me to feel resentful and guilty.

Saying ‘NO’ is taking back control and implementing self-love

As an EMPATH and HEALER, it is too easy to fall into this pattern of putting everyone else first. Mothers are also find themselves doing the same thing – until it reaches a point they no longer recognise themselves. They have lost their way – they no longer know what they want/like/desire.

Learning to say ‘NO’ is an important step of the healing journey and following your SOUL PURPOSE. 

The power of NO allows you to channel your energy into doing things you enjoy and boost your energetic systems. Your SOUL wants you to do things that make you happy and bring you joy – as this is fuel for your SOUL ENERGY.

Learn to strengthen your AURIC FIELD to keep your AURA and energy protected.  Choose who you allow in and by reconnecting with your SOUL’S WISDOM, you will intuitively know what is right for you and what is not.

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Peace begins with a Smile.

– Mother Teresa

What does PEACE mean to you?

PEACE is feeling totally safe, being in the present moment and a sense of  bliss.

Did you know the vibrational frequency of PEACE is 432 Hz which is quite high vibrationally and this is a really good thing.

In our noisy busy world, we need to make the effort to carve out time for ourselves. To step away from everything and reclaim a few minutes every day to give ourselves time to tune into a space of calm and tranquility – OUR INNER PEACE centre.

Self-care is taking a pause to breathe and
calm down your energy and nervous systems

So many illnesses and disesases stem from STRESS – cortisol is pumped into our systems as we life in Fight-Flight-Freeze mode. It literally is killing us.

By scheduling time, only 10-15 minutes every day, to reconnect with yourself and find your INNER PEACE, is a vital step to healing your overwhelmed system. There are many different ways to do this and it will make a difference provided you factor it into your daily life. here are some suggestions:

  • Walk in Nature
  • Listening to music that calms your mind
  • Moving: exercise like running, swimming, cycling, dancing
  • Meditations
  • Breathing techniques
  • Stretches
  • Reading a light book or watching a light-hearted movie
  • A cup of tea in your garden
  • A walk with a friend
  • Anything that makes you feel calm

Stop rushing around in busyness – take a pause
and gives yourself  space to brings back peace and harmony

If you wish to know about INNER PEACE, please listen/watch Episode 6 of the ‘Heart and Soul’ show with myself and the incredible Caroline Palmy when we discuss how important finding INNER PEACE is in today’s world.

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