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Mind, Body, Heart & Soul

Mind Body Heart and Soul Wellbeing tips

Mind, Body, Heart & Soul Wellbeing

You are more than your body…
You are a spiritual being with a powerful MIND, a complex BODY,
a magnificent HEART and a radiant brilliant SOUL


When we talk about Mind, Body and Soul (or Spirit), I used to think it was at the very physical level, I couldn’t quite grasp that it was much more profound. Now as I progress along my spiritual path, I understand that WE are beautiful and deeply complex in our nature — we are indeed so much more than our physical bodies.

So, this blog is a quick delve into each of the four aspects and sharing some insights and tips into caring for YOU with some simple and quick practices (I know so many of us are time poor and struggle to fit in long daily practices).

I sincerely hope that you will gain some ways to improve and boost your general physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Mindset Mental Wellbeing Mind chatter


Thoughts drive your emotions: “What you think you become” – Guatama Buddha.

Your Mind can be your worst enemy or your best friend.

When you are stuck in the loop of trauma replays you are trapped in that emotional trauma, reliving it time and time again; alternatively, once you take back control of your mind, your can use it to enjoy a happier life by focussing on the ‘good things’.

I know that having suffered with PTSD in childhood, compounded with grief over the loss of motherhood, I was stuck in the past going through unpleasant situations again and again. This cycle eroded my self esteem with nasty head talk and negative thinking. My thoughts were constantly leading me into fear, disappointment and self-blame. I was depressed – crushed by saddness, loss and confusion.

Learning NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) helped me to understand my Mind and the role it was playing in creating my prison of misery. The tools I learned helped me to reframe and reprogram my brain to create new stronger and more positive synapsis to connect with my body (Neuroplasticity). Your brain/mind is the computer part of your body, sometimes you need to delete old files, create order and make space for new more helpful projects.

EXERCISE: To learn to calm your mind check out using MEDITATION as a tool to allow your mind to enter a calming state and disrupt the negative flow. (Download the FREE ‘Garden of Inner Peace’ meditation.)

Body self-love self-care Yoga Movement Stretches


Your body is a beautiful and complex system – and each one of us is unique.

Your physical body allows you to move around and do things. It allows you to experience the world in a physcial way through your senses. It serves you in your daily routine, and with the right training you can run marathons or climb mountains.

Often people feel pain or tiredness and this is your body informing you that something is not quite right. If you break your leg, with the right conditions your leg will heal.

Sometimes, aches/pains/illness/disease may stem from a deeper source – it may be past trauma, or your body’s reaction to stress or overwhelm. It is reflection of what is going on in our lives. Illness is often the body’s way of letting us know we need to pause and address an issue.

Keeping your body active through movement is important, while choosing to eat a healthy diet also helps to keep it functioning properly.

Make time to take care of your body and it will serve you well.

EXERCISE: Put on some music and dance – allow your body to move and flow to the rhythm. 

Heart Love Heart Chakra Heartfield


“Home is where the Heart is.” -Anon

Learning to love yourself is a vital part of moving down from living from your head to living a heart-led life.

This is a magical step in the healing process, as LOVE is where we come from and LOVE is the fuel for our heartfield. When you open your heart to feel and experience the right tapestry of your life (the ups and downs) your heart will grow and expand. This heart expansion allows more love to flow from you. It create a beautiful ‘LOVE’ ripple which touches the lives of others.

SELF-LOVE is the process of reconnecting with who you are as a person and acknowledging your own worth and value in the bigger picture of the world.

Find your way home to your heart, is the path to finding your way home to your SOUL – the heart is the gateway to the soul.

EXERCISE: Sit or stand and place your hands over your heart, close your eyes and inhale-exhale long and slow breathes. Think about all the things you love and are grateful for.

Soul Joy Bliss Divine Connection Light


A SOUL is similar to a flame, in its properties, in how it behaves, always yearning to rise yet higher

There are a few opinions on what the SOUL is… and I wish to share my personal belief with you, it is up to you whether you agree or you have perhaps other ideas.

The SOUL is the light of ‘god’ within us – or I feel it is more like a ball of light connected to our heartfield. It is our guiding light. 

It is the plug that connects with SPIRIT (Divine Source, the One, God, Allah…), with spirit being the divine energy flowing into us, just like electricity. 

Everyone has a soul and it is our soul that journeys through many lifetimes and through many different worlds/plains. Our soul is the immortal component – seeking, learning and growing.

Soul-led living is being guided by your Soul’s wisdom, following your SOUL PURPOSE and living a life filled with love, joy, compassion and kindness. You know that you are connected to all things. Living such a life brings peace and a deep sense of fulfilment.

To me this is SOUL MAGIC.

MY FREE GIFT TO YOU… A short guided meditation to help you destress and invite inner peace – click here or image below.


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Energy Systems

Energetically, each one of our energy systems are involved with keeping us alive and allowing us to live our most balanced, vital life.

– Prune Harris

Did you know you are ENERGY?

YES – you are an incredible energetic being comprising many different energy systems which work together to keep you alive and healthy.

The human body is amazing and the complex energy systems which connect your mind, body and soul, are magnificent. Without energy we would not exist – nothing would exist.

When are energy systems are optimised and working in harmony, we have vitality and health. Unfortunately, the impact or our modern lives along with environmental factors, our energy systems can be compromised. They need to be nurtured and nourish to ensure they function properly.

The heart is a key organ that most people understand has an energy (electric) component to beat and push the blood around the body. But did you know that each of your 30 trillion cells act like batteries, and your nervous system is used to send and receive information to and from your brain across your body? Your brain is another fascinating energetic organ. I think you get the picture…

Energy can not be destroyed,
it can only transformed.

Perhaps you have heard about the CHAKRA system in your body, a series of energy wheels  which spin and when alignment bring balance and harmony. This is only one system, there are many more.

Here are some of the others:

  • Energetic Core
  • Tajji Pole
  • Dentians
  • Stellar Diamond
  • Yin/Yang Vortexes
  • Vital Vessel
  • Vagus Nerve
  • Aura
  • Heartfield
  • Elemental Rhythms
  • Sun Star chakra
  • Earth Star chakra
  • Energy Channels (meridians)
  • Assemblage point (soul connection)

Your energy systems are magnificent and you are a radiant soul when they are aligned and working in harmony.

When I work as an Energy Healer, I channel the energy from the Cosmos and from the Earth and feel where my client needs alignment. As an Empath, I can feel where there are issues, so you don’t need to get overwhelmed by all the array of energy systems – they all work together. By healing at the energetic field level, it also helps to prevent illness/disease before it manifests in the body.

You are a magnificent and radiant energetic being.

If you wish to know about ENERGY in episode 8 of the Heart & Soul Show with myself and the incredible Caroline Palmy when we touch on the complex topic of energy.

FREE 'Garden of Inner Peace' Meditation to download

Click on the button below to download a short (12-minute) guided meditation to help you find your own sanctuary of peace and calm.

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This fire we call ‘loving’ is too strong for human minds.
But just right for human souls.

– Aberhjani (Elemental: The Power of Illuminated Love)

What is LOVE?

To me, when I think of LOVE, I feel it is all encompassing – it is the feeling of being safely held in an embrace by someone who loves me unconditionally.

It feels like HOME.

Love is a word that is so often misused in our society. It is used by influencers on TikTok as they promote the latest lipstick or pair of shoes. However, LOVE is so much more, it is powerful and holds a high vibrational energy 500Hz) when you truly feel it.

It is fuel for our Heartfield, a crucial part of our body’s energy systems. When we feel love, it fills and expands our heartfield, making us feel sure about who we are and our purpose. It gives us stability which means when we face challenges we experience less emotional overload. We have faith that everything will work out.

LOVE is all you need.

When people are struggling and feeling life is against them, it is often that love is missing in their lives. As human beings, and certainly as energetic beings, we need love. We come from love and will return to love, and need love to complete us.

Many seek love from others and rush into relationships believing they are in love. However, the relationship or marriage doesn’t last as it was not founded on the true essence of love. Instead, we need to learn to love ourselves and by doing so we gain clarity on who we are and what we need to bring us happiness. Making time and space to do this is a vital first step in the healing process and the more we know ourselves, we are more empowered to make better choices.

SELF-LOVE is the first step to living authentically with love at your core.

Fear is the absence of LOVE.

If you wish to know about LOVE, please listen/watch Episode 5 of the ‘Heart and Soul’ show with myself and the incredible Caroline Palmy when we chat about love, self-love and share tips to bring back love into your heart and soul.

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