The Magic of Writing


Words are Powerful – they create magic in the heart and mind of the reader.

Why do people write?  Why do I write?

Stepping into my role as a writer has been one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life.  It has been 15 years since I first had the idea for my novel, and even before that it was a long-held dream to walk into a bookshop and see my book there on the shelf.

What held me back?

Well, I can say that my life as an expat the moving around, the constant challenge of re-building my life with every new move. I could blame my husband for his career messing up mine, and me becoming a trailing-spouse.  But really it was me – all me.  I used excuses, and created obstacles to appear, in my own mind, that I was too busy to take up my pen and write.    OK, over the years, I did write on-and-off, but I never fully committed. It was like a dream that just felt too big for me, and I was, if I am honest, too afraid to reach out and grasp. I allowed “FEAR” to hold me back. Fear that I would be a failure and be judged, criticised and laughed at by my peers, family and friends.  I secretly feared that the book might just be an overnight success and it would catapult me into the arena with the likes of J.K. Rowling – and I just could not handle that level of visibility.

Thanks to the alignment of the fates, I was introduced to Sean at That Guy’s House Publishing, and we hit it off immediately. He loved the idea of my book and I was delighted to join his writing family.  Working with Sean has been great, as I have accountability to get the writing done and I love our calls to hear his feedback on the draft chapters I submit.  The process previously was so dauntingly huge and the idea of writing 80,000+ words and then working out all the technical aspects of self-publishing overwhelming. Now it is not only manageable but also fun.  Belonging to a group of authors has been so supportive and encouraging – each time one of us releases his/her book into the world, we all celebrate.

Writing is a journey and giving myself permission to step into this creative sacred space has been a magical experience.  Every time I sit down and write, either on my book or a blog, I tune into “creative magic”, and this creative flow is like a charge of inspirational energy feeding my very soul.  It makes my heart sing and my soul shine – and this is my big WHY I write.

I truly believe that when I write with heart and soul – the magic that is created touches so many lives, and mostly my own. Writing continues to be part healing and part expansion.  It is a journey of self-discovery, where we learn to listen and tune into the creative muse, we tap into the power of our imaginations, we write the stories that are being shared with us and most of all we learn the power of our vulnerability.

What do you mean Vulnerability?

Ask any author and you will hear the same thing – when you put your book, your “baby”, out into the world it is a scary place. A writer spends months, and even years, writing with their heart and soul.  They are so connected with their book – they feel strongly about their work, and believe in the storylines, characters, twists and conclusions.  When they release it into the world they are allowing the world to judge them, and no-one likes to be judged and found wanting.

When you write, deeply, with ferocious intensity and put your heart and soul into it – it is putting yourself in a place of vulnerability.   Amazon reviews can make or break you.  Book reviews on Goodreads can end writing careers.  As a writer, you need to learn to embrace your vulnerability and lean into knowing that reviews are only that.  An established writer will learn to accept their imperfections, and only take onboard feedback and critique that helps them to improve their craft, ensuring that the next book will be better.


Being a Highly Sensitive Writer

Writing can be a wonderful healing and cathartic experience.  Writers draw on their own personal experiences, and many people choose to write books to help others through an often-traumatic experience they lived through. As a highly sensitive writer, it is particularly hard to share your inner emotions and relive events that you would prefer to leave firmly in the past.  Writing to share your experience can be deeply healing – many writers feel a great sense of relief after the physical act of writing their story.

A highly sensitive writer need to be supported when they go through this process, they need people who get them and understand what a challenging experience it can be.  That is why having a writing coach or mentor is valuable.  Not only do you get support, but you get someone who emphasizes the process you are going through – both for writing and for emotional support.  They are there to hold your hand and bolster your resolve to push through.  The right writing coach will help you navigate your way and be there at your side as you release your “baby” into the world.  They will be the first in line to help you celebrate and they will be on hand to support you to sift through reviews and find the feedback to make you a better writer.

Writing is a Magical Experience

Writing is a truly magical experience.  Leaning into writing and growing as a writer, is an incredible and life-changing experience.  I believe, and will always believe, in the power of words – and each one of us has a story to tell, and many of us have many stories to tell.  People love stories, and there is always someone out there who will love the story you have to tell.

Do you have a dream to be a writer?
Do you have a story you wish to tell?

If you feel called to write, either sharing stories fabricated in the kaleidoscope of your imagination or your “true life” story – and you are a highly sensitive person – I recommend you find a writing coach with whom you connect and start your writing journey today.  Push your “fears” aside and step up and grab your pen – I guarantee it will be one amazing magical ride, and one you will be glad you took.

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Finding My True Self


Who am I really and truly?  Do you know your real self?

OK, this is a big scary topic.  We all hear the word TRUTH used around us on a daily basis, and to be quite honest, many of us hear the word but are numb to it.  We use it, but honestly, are we really engaged with it at a level where we are being totally honest and transparent with ourselves?

Be Your Authentic Self

AUTHENTIC is another word that we hear talked about, and although I understand what it means, I have to say that it has taken me years to really embrace its essence – it’s meaning of being your genuine self (see the definition from the Oxford English dictionary below).


Learning to be yourself, your true unadulterated-self, is a monumental task for many of us.  Over the years we have created layers of masks to hide behind.   We have learned to show the world what it wants us to be.  We have hidden behind some masks for so long we no longer recognise the real person behind. We have lost touch with our “true self”, and it takes time to tune in again and really learn who we are at the core level.

So many people, often women, admit that they feel stuck in their lives as they no longer recognise the person they have become. Over the years, perhaps even decades, they have been moulded like clay into the “wife”, the “mother”, the “employee”, the “carer”, the “nurse” …  So many masks and along the line they have lost touch with who they really are inside.

Learning Your Truth

Learning to own your TRUE SELF is a journey of self-discovery.  You need to go back to a point when you were still YOU.  This often means retracing our life back to our childhood.  As a child when you really knew who you were – you were free, full of curiosity and had incredible dreams.  We ran and played, we knew how to have fun and be happy.  These are the feelings we need to once again learn to embrace.  Stripping away all the layers and masks to find our INNER CHILD – our TRUTH.

What do you remember as a child?

Do you remember a specific event when you felt carefree and filled with joy?

These are the precious moments we need to dig up and feel again.  Make a note of what you were doing, who you were with and how you felt – write it down, create a strong mental image.  Reliving a moment from our childhood where we felt free and filled with joy – is precious. This provides us with the grounding we need to start to reconnect with ourselves – it becomes our anchor point.

The more we strip away the pretence, the more we can step into our own power.  We free ourselves from the shackles that society has bound us by.  We give ourselves the permission to become our true selves – and by doing so, we learn to reconnect with our passions, we learn to dream big again; we allow joy and happiness to creep back into our hearts.

Step-by-step we become who we are meant to be, and with that, there is a great sense of liberation.  Our perceptions shift, and we see the world in a new light.  We listen to our own intuition and know what is good for us.

Becoming your own TRUTH is magical – you feel you fit your own skin for the first time.

Life is so much better when you know yourself, and no one knows you better than yourself.  Own the power of you; you are an incredible being and here to live an amazing life.

Are you living your TRUTH?

I will admit, I am still a “work-in-progress” and enjoying the journey of self-discovery.  I had built up so many layers to please the world around me and to fit in – it is a slow progress of stripping them all away.  Day-by-day I am getting there and with each day I am freer and more my true self.  I am rediscovering my child-like curiosity for new things.  I see the world in a new way and I am connecting with the most amazing people who support me on my journey.  I now tune into my heart and listen to my own intuition more and more. Life is brighter and lighter, with the heaviness and darkness of self-doubt, low self-esteem and even depression becoming a fading memory.

Is it worth it?  

Absolutely – finding yourself is one of the most important tasks of your life, and when you start getting closer and closer to your core self, you will feel a sense of coming home.  A deep knowing that this is where you need to be.

Align with your TRUTH and you will be rewarded with increased joy, a greater passion for many aspects of life, increased creativity and you will radiate with incredible light.  You will touch the lives of people who come into contact with you in a powerful and positive way.

Since I started my Soul Journey a few years ago, it has been incredible the difference it has made personally for me.  I am less stressed, not so prone to depression, I have rediscovered my passion for writing and I know more and more who I am. I now recognise the importance of being aligned with myself, and it gives me the power to forge forward into the unknown with a sense of wonderment, curiosity and a deep faith that everything will work out for my highest good.  It is becoming easier to recognise “fear” and deal with it, preventing it from holding me back.

It gives me a sense of FLYING, and this means feel free and unhindered by the ties of others expectation for me.  I close my eyes and I see myself soaring, like a hawk, riding the warm thermals and seeing the world beneath bathed in sunlight with wonder and awe; and I know anything is possible.


If no – what are you going to do about it?


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