A Marriage of Words


Writing is Art, a craft where the writer marries words to create stories. 

Another royal marriage descends upon us in a matter of days.  The news is full of updates on the pending nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.    Whether you want to hear it or not, you can’t seem to avoid it.  The world loves a reason to celebrate, observe and/or pass judgement, and there is nothing like a British royal wedding to provide the perfect spectacular complete with pomp and ceremony.

Now, thinking about the upcoming wedding, made me thinking about how marriage is similar to writing.   A writer is a conduit to bring words together; similar to a wedding ceremony where the right words are united through love, and their joining together is a celebration.   This is the art of writing in motion – the writer an artist with a pen; like a conductor with his baton bringing the players together to create a symphony. 

Personally, I love to write with a fountain pen.  I love the flow of the ink, like the flow of the words.   The loops and strokes form the letters, then the words and together they dance on the page like a wedding minuet. I derive much personal pleasure from this process.  Even when I cross out the words that no longer fit, or insert new ones, it is satisfying to witness the words merging and the story taking flight.

Each word on each line is written with love from the heart.

Some words create a gentle harmony, whilst others come together with great energy and power generating a tumultuous roar; emulating the coupling of two souls.

OK, perhaps I am becoming a little theatrical with my writing here, but that is the joy of wielding the pen.

The writer is a matchmaker – he/she brings together and marries the right words with consideration and love.

Love knows no bounds – and words are the same.   Some can easily be tamed and will always maintain a subservient role, and yet others will demand centre-stage.  Some create balance and calm, whilst others revel in generating chaos and turmoil.  

Chose your words carefully and they will serve you well.   Bring the right ones together and they will elevate your stories and carve an amazing adventure for your readers.  Take time and feel for the right words, bring them together with consideration and love, allowing them to marry together to create a love affair on the page.

Writing truly is an art, a craft that any writer needs to practice.  Some days the story will flow and on others, nothing trickles through.  As writers we are mere channels for the muse to provide us with the story, our job is to catch the words and marry them together to recreate the story to take the reader on a journey and ensure the experience is a rich and rewarding one.



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