Affirmations I am Enough

What is an Affirmation?

An AFFIRMATION, sometimes known more precisely as a positive affirmation, is a short, positive statement that is designed to be frequently repeated in order to enforce positive thinking and mindset.


Affirmations are a simple tool to help shift negative thinking and beliefs. I have used them during my own healing from trauma and they have helped many of my clients too. The short positive statement is read repeatedly, on a daily basis, over an extended period of time. This repetition is fed into the unconscious mind and rewires the brain. New stronger neuropathways are created that work to build a stronger and more resilient mindset.  A resilient mind is one that can cope better under stress by letting things go and not continually dwell on them (want to know more about this, then check out Carol Dweck’s book ‘Mindset‘).

Louise Hay popularised the use of Affirmation following her own healing from cancer using them in her book ‘You Can Heal Your Life. They have now developed into a simple and powerful healing tool to shift from a negative mindset to a more supportive positive one, creating a stronger, more positive and resilient brain.

Do Affirmations work?

Over the years there have been a number of studies into the effectiveness of Affirmations, and the results have been positive. Used in the right way Affirmations will work to change the brain’s structure by creating new and stronger neuropathways – these are like electric cables which work more efficiently in passing messages throughout the body.

So, using this simple tool will make a difference, not only to your brain, but across your body. Many people who suffer with depression or mental health issues will see changes to their physical symptoms too.

(Read source here>> The Science of Affirmations )

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Find the Right Affirmations

From my personal experience of using Affirmations to help as part of my trauma healing journey, it was important for me to find statements I could connect with. Some were too unbelievable for me and I felt only more frustrated by them, therefore they were having a negative effect. I did a lot of research to find a few which felt right for me. I could connect with them and as I said them, over time,  they made me feel good. To me, the energetic connection is key to get the desired results.

In my book, Write to Heal‘, I have included Affirmations (Chapter 4 Beliefs and Limiting Beliefs) as a simple tool to use to change any negative Beliefs which hold you back.

Below are some sample Affirmations, and if you wish to know more about working with Affirmations, check Heart & Soul Show Episode 25: About Affirmations.

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Affirmations I am Enough


- What is an Affirmation? An AFFIRMATION, sometimes known more precisely as a positive affirmation, is a short, positive statement that is designed...
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