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You can’t buy Happiness, but you can buy Books…
and that’s kind of the same thing!

– Anon

Reading a Book is…

For me, personally, books are bliss.

I love books. Books have always been an integral part of my life since childhood.

Books help me to escape the pressures of reality.

Growing up in Northern Ireland during the period of civil unrest, known as ‘The Troubles’, was a difficult time and fearful time for me. And as a sensitive child reading books was my way to cope and to escape the frightening reality of the world I lived in.

I loved stories that whisked me away on adventures to strange lands – my favourite books were ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland‘ and ‘The Chronicles of Narnia‘.

Did you have a book that you hold dear from your childhood?

Today a READER
Tomorrow a LEADER

Margaret Fuller

Stories have always been a key part of human civilisations, from cavemen drawings to Egyptian hieroglyphics, to travelling bards and minstrals – they were all ways to communicate and share tales.

We, of course, recognised that children learn through stories – but did you know that our UNCONSCIOUS mind learns through stories (a vital tool used in hypnosis to plant seeds of change and a technique that I use successfully with clients).

At heart I am a storyteller and really enjoy using my creativity with words to write stories to share into the world. My books all have a purpose to promote transformation towards well-being.

My first fiction book (The Naked Knitting Club – Casting On) tells the story of Cate, a bored woman in her late 30s who decides to take a leap out of her comfort zone, which brings changes to her life she never could have expected – along with a set of wonderful new friends.

The other books I have written have been non-fiction self-development in nature, a way to share my personal insights having come through a few major life traumas, along with some practical exercises which I know work.

Writing is very therapeutic for me. It allows me to express myself and find the words to convey meaning. Sometimes, the MUSE drops an idea – the seed of an idea – that takes root, flourishes and blooms. Whether you write and publish your stories out into the world, or you choose to write for yourself as a healing tool – it is what feels right for you.

EXERCISE – Free Writing

A daily exercise to clear your Brain from the cycle of thoughts which drain your energy

This is a simple and yet highly effective way to clear those annoying thoughts out of your mind. You know the ones I mean – the thoughts which seem to be a a permanent spin, whirling around your head in a never-ending cycle.

Grab a notebook and pen and allow your mind to throw up those annoying thoughts – and you just need to write them down. You are merely a note taker (an observer).

Allow yourself 30 minutes each morning (and/or evening before bed) to clear out these brain-drainers.

By writing down the thoughts, you are giving permission for your mind to let them go. And you can shut your book and forget about them.

With time and daily repetition, you will find your mind will start to become calmer and there is more space to think about other more positive and important thoughts. It also helps to calm the mind before going to bed which will lead to better and more nourishing sleep.

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