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Moon Influences

Shoot for the MOON
and if you miss,
you will still be among the Stars.

– Lee Brown

Are you drawn to the MOON?

Since early man, the moon has held our awe and curiosity. Some have treated as a Goddess while others have feared it.

As a child, I was told about the moon being made from cheese and that there was a man in the moon – which I hasten to add, that even as a young child, this made no sense to me. On another occasion, I vividly remember my two older brothers lifting me up to see the moon out the window and them telling me that a man had landed on the moon – it was 20 July 1969, and I was only 2 years old.

My fascination for the night sky, and in particular the moon, has only grown through my travels. Looking back, I marvel at the night Mr G and I stood on knee deep in snow in the Swiss Alps and were amazed at how the moonlight reflecting on the pure white snow creating an ethereal light – so bright we could see clearly. On another occasion, we were sleeping on the deck of a sailing yacht in Indonesia and as we watched the Moon and stars overhead, we were rocked to sleep. It was a dreamlike experience.

I am totally captivated by the moon – are you?

There are three main ways in which the Moon impacts on life: time, tides and light.

You may know from school days (or not!) that the moon rotates on its axis equal to the time it takes to orbit the earth which takes 27.3 days which means the same side of the moon is always on display to the earth. The cycle from New Moon to next New Moon takes 29.5 days. Both the moon and the earth orbit the Sun.

The moon is known to affect the tides with its gravitational pull, meaning the oceans to bulge creating high tides with the most impact on a New or Full moon. Additionally, the moon also plays a part in lives of animals, including providing navigational aid for migrations  (if you wish to know more on this, please do an internet search as it is quite interesting).

In farming communities, some farmers choose to follow the lunar cycle for planting and harvesting. You can grab a copy of the annual ALMANAC to find out more details about when to do certain tasks. (Available to buy on Amazon)

And, surprisingly, in some cultures women are even guided to have their haircut and shave at a specific cycle of the moon.

In the spiritual world, the NEW MOON or FULL MOON are auspicious times to carry out some rituals or tasks.

The NEW MOON (Yangthe masculine energy) is a powerful time to set your intentions, and a time to clear and re-energise your sacred space.

While the FULL MOON (Yinfemale energy) is the end of the cycle, like a cosmic wave breaking – a time to reflect and realign with the rhythm of the Universe. It is also a good time to release negative energies and if you work with crystals, the Full Moon’s energy will cleanse them.

Over the centuries, the moon has attracted many followers from the ancient Greeks, the Romans, the Celts and the Native American Indians. It is associated with dreams, imagination and creativity, as well as, wisdom, intuition, birth-death, reincarnation and spiritual connection. And, of course, numerous myths and legends are associated with the moon – like vampires and werewolves.

Even in today’s world it still has a hold over us, and I will be forever enthralled by her ethereal beauty shining down from the star-filled night sky filling my soul with dreams.

What do you love about the moon?

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