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Sleep Magic

Good restful and restorative sleep
is nourishment for your Soul

A Good Night’s Sleep…

SLEEP is something we all need.

We cannot survive without it, as it is a vital function required by our mind and body. It is the period when the body is actively healing and removing toxins. Yet, 30% of the world’s population suffer with chronic insomnia (primary in the Western world), with 1 in 3 in the UK struggling to get a good night’s sleep.

When we do not get sufficient restorative sleep, we become exhausted, suffer with brain fog, our immune system does not function properly and we get sick, and our mental health is negatively impacted.

Why is something that is so natural incredibly difficult for some people?

Spiralling in the no-sleep zone feels likes an neverending story –
to win back your sleep, you need to be prepared to work
at creating a healthy bedtime routine 

Here are FIVE natural ways to promote better sleep to try out:

    As part of your heathly bedtime routine, drink a cup of camomile tea (or a special sleep blend tea) 30 minutes before going to bed to help relax.
  2.  YOGA:
    Rather than doing a heart pumping workout in the evening, consider doing Yoga to stretch away any tension.
    Some people find writing down their day helps to clear it from their mind, which helps to calm the brain from replaying situations that arose during the day.
    Calm your brain wave activity by listening to mellow music. Close your eyes and allow the music to flow over you and wash away tension.
    Sitting scrolling on your smart phone/device has been proven to overstimulate the brain. This means your brain is wired and difficult to shift into the sleep wave pattern. So, put those phones and devices away at least one hour before bedtime.

These are only 5 of my long list of SLEEP MAGIC tips, as I have many more from my own research into curing my long-term chronic insomnia.

There are a lot more options to try out and believe me it is worth investing the time and effort to find what works for you – after all, the average person sleeps about 26 years in their lifetime!

If you are interested in learning more about creating a HEALTHY SLEEP ROUTINE?  Register now for my new SLEEP MAGIC PROGRAM (coming soon) which goes into sleep in more detail, and includes more ways to promote sleep naturally. Click below to register >>>

There is nothing better than a great night’s sleep
to nourish your mind and body
and balance your energy systems


Do you suffer from chronic insomnia and wish to find a way to be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep?

Register now for the SLEEP MAGIC PROGRAM, which will be released in September, and download the ‘Sleep Magic’ meditation to begin your SLEEP MAGIC journey.


This week’s episode delves into what makes a good night’s sleep and why sleep is so important to staying healthy.

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