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Blog post Loneliness versus Being Alone

Attune your SOUL to the frequency of the Universe
to manifest your best life.

Are you still searching for your dream life?

Law of Attraction is the Universe’s gift to provide us with all we need during our human experience on earth. ‘Ask and you will receive…’.


Is it really that simple? Is it like putting in an order at the drive-through and hey presto there is your order just a moment down the line?

For some people it certainly looks that way, as everything they desire seems to come to them easily and effortlessly. So, just how to they do it? They have learned how to use the LAW OF ATTRACTION to manifest their desires into reality.

Now, I will be upfront with you, as I have read many books and studied the art of manifesting – only to find it temperamental at best.

That was until I learned it was so much more than just ASK – BELIEVE – RECEIVE.

The Universe/God/Divine Source wants to be successful and happy in this life and is willing to support us by tapping into the LAW OF ATTRACTION

Soul Magic with Janet Blog Post Loneliness versus Being Alone

I am going to share with you the SECRET of what I personally have found as the key to success, but before I do, let me tell you about some of the things I have managed to manifest into my life:

  • My wonderful husband of 28 years
  • The opportunity to live and travel to different parts of the world
  • A chocolate-box chalet in the Swiss Alps
  • A new home on the Kent coast in the UK
  • My (our) new gorgeous puppy

There have been other things too, but these are some of my favourites.

Your SOUL is your key to successful manifesting

Yes, once you heal any past trauma and allow yourself to shift back to living a SOUL-LED life – a life filled with purpose and fueled by LOVE, which raises your vibrational frequency.  And with gratitude for what you have now in your life, your focus realigns and you will find that your requests will start to become reality.

I will add the proviso that the Universe will deliver when it decides is the best time and may just make some adjustments to support your highest good (and for others).

Often people do the steps but do not understand that your Soul must match the vibrational energy – that is the big secret!

If you wish to manifest your dream life, allow me to help you to shift to UNLOCK YOUR SOUL PURPOSE.


Do you feel LOST or that something is MISSING in your Life?

You had big dreams for your life and somewhere along the way things seem to have gown off-track.

Don’t worry, you will soon be back on track to –

  • Rediscover WHO YOU TRULY ARE
  • Rekindle your PASSION for life and tap into your INNER WISDOM
  • Manifest your DREAM LIFE
  • Reconnect with your own INTERNAL GPS YOUR SOUL


Celebrating the 20th episode with a great talk and sharing experiences about MANIFESTING and working with the Law of Attraction…

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