Quite the Mind
and your SOUL will speak.

– Anon

Do you listen to your Intuition?

You have the knowledge and wisdom within you to guide you to where you need to go – you have SOUL WISDOM.

We all have this power within us, however, with all the noise and control of our modern lives, many of us have lost the ability to listen. Our minds are too busy to sit quieting and seek answers from within. As spiritual beings we are connected to the Cosmos above and the Earth below, with our Souls acting as our internal GPS systems.

I know that I used to feel LOST in the routine of my life – I was going through the motions. When I finally was forced to pause and start to listen to my body, I found that in a space of peace, I was able to hear my Soul.

Your Soul is your Guiding Light

Your Soul knows what is right for you and will always guide you on your SOUL PATH and towards your SOUL PURPOSE.

One way to tune into your Soul is to place your hand on your heart area, close your eyes and in your mind’s eye ask your question or ask for guidance – just sit quietly and allow the voice to come through. It does take practice and the more you tune in, the easier it will become.

Meditation is another great way to free your mind and focus on your breathing and insights will bubble up. Make this a daily practice for daily guidance.

Many successful business people use their intuition as a guide to making deals and deciding where to invest their money – and you can too!

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