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Strawberry Full Moon

3 June 2023 – Strawberry Full Moon

The Strawberry Full Moon is the cosmic arrival of summer (Northern Hemisphere) and is in Sagittarius, the archer. A sign that it is a time of truths being told, or at the very least an invite to be straight shooting – be blunt and speak up about things we have kept hidden.

It is called the STRAWBERRY full moon as it announces the season of strawberries, think of Wimbledon and bowls of sweet red strawberries topped with cream. To me personally, a lovely feeling of summer in the garden enjoying time with friends and family.

This full moon is a reminder, a shining beacon, to see the beauty around us and gently leading us to delve deeper in our spiritual growth.

Allow yourself to be immersed into its potent energy to bring back INNER PEACE and a renewed awareness of your Soul’s Purpose. Seek a way to bring space to allow the magnificent cosmic energies shift your focus and realign with harmony.

Stop rushing around in busyness – take a pause
and gives yourself  space to brings back peace and harmony

If you wish to know about INNER PEACE, please listen/watch Episode 6 of the ‘Heart and Soul’ show with myself and the incredible Caroline Palmy when we discuss how important finding INNER PEACE is in today’s world.

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