Spiritual Life Coaching

What is Spirituality and Soul-led Living?

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Spirituality is the journey,
where we uncover the divine wisdom
that resides within our SOUL

Soul-led living is not just a buzzword; it’s a way of life that beckons us to connect with our true essence. At its core, it’s about aligning our actions, decisions, and purpose with the wisdom of our soul. It’s an invitation to navigate life’s twists and turns guided by our inner compass.

Imagine a life where you feel a deep sense of purpose, where you’re in tune with your innermost desires, and where each step you take resonates with your soul’s whispers. That’s the essence of soul-led living.

Love this photos of me enjoying a visit to the Lavender fields in Provence, France.

Exploring Spirituality

Spirituality, often misunderstood, is not confined to religion. It’s a personal journey that allows you to explore your connection to the universe, the divine, or your higher self. It’s about finding meaning in life beyond the material, transcending the mundane, and embracing the mystical.

For many, spirituality is a deeply personal and transformative experience. It can involve meditation, prayer, mindfulness, or any practice that opens the door to the infinite wisdom within. In essence, spirituality is about nurturing your soul and seeking a deeper understanding of your existence.

In the quiet of our souls,
we find the truest connection to the universe.

The Role of a Spiritual Life Coach

As a spiritual life coach, my role is to be your guide, mentor, and supporter on your spiritual journey. I’m here to help you navigate the intricate pathways of your soul and assist you in unleashing your true potential. Think of me as your spiritual cheerleader, always rooting for your growth and transformation.

Here are some ways a spiritual life coach can illuminate your path:

    • Clarity and Vision: Sometimes, our soul’s whispers are subtle, and we need help deciphering them. A coach can assist you in gaining clarity about your life’s purpose and setting meaningful goals aligned with your spiritual path.
    • Inner Healing: We all carry emotional baggage and past wounds. A coach can guide you in the process of healing, releasing negativity, and fostering self-compassion.
    • Mindfulness and Presence: Being present is a cornerstone of spirituality. A coach can teach you mindfulness techniques that allow you to savor each moment and live with intention.
    • Personal Growth: Your spiritual journey is also a journey of personal growth. A coach can help you identify areas for growth, overcome obstacles, and become the best version of yourself.
    • Connection to Spirituality: If you’re new to spirituality, a coach can introduce you to practices and concepts that resonate with your soul, helping you establish a deeper connection with your spiritual self.

Embracing the Journey

Remember, soul-led living is a journey, not a destination. It’s a path of self-discovery, healing, and growth. There will be moments of clarity and moments of confusion. But with each step, you’ll move closer to your authentic self.

So, if you’re curious about spirituality, if you’ve felt the whispers of your soul, or if you simply desire a more meaningful life, consider embracing soul-led living. Allow your spiritual journey to unfold, and don’t hesitate to seek guidance from a spiritual life coach if you ever feel lost along the way.

In the end, it’s all about nurturing your soul, connecting with your inner wisdom, and living a life that resonates with your heart’s deepest desires. Let’s embark on this beautiful journey together, and may your path be filled with love, light, and spiritual awakening.

Spirituality is not about religion;
it is the awakening of your SOUL to the beauty of existence
and your connection with all things.

Thank you for joining me on this exploration of soul-led living, spirituality, and the transformative power of spiritual life coaching. If you’re ready to take the next step on your spiritual journey, feel free to reach out—I’m here to support you every step of the way.


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Do you struggle to Accept certain things in your life?

ACCEPTANCE is a vital step in the journey towards finding inner peace and living an authentic life.

Let me tell you how our new puppy has been teaching us – big time – to accept a lot of changes in our lives. It was our decision, after many years of wanting a puppy, to invite this gorgeous litte Cockapoo (Miss Bailey) into our home… and hearts.

However, no matter how much people warned us, we were not quite prepared for the chaos she has brought with her.

Like any new first time puppy parents, we struggle with adjusting to the upheaval that comes along with such a small fur baby. A crate, pen, pee pads, chew toys and the list goes on. We have ACCEPT that we can’t go out and do things spare of the moment, nor can I keep our normal relaxed schedule – as her main hooman, I can only do things when she sleeps – thank goodness puppies sleep a lot!

It is only now I am in a place in my life that I can cope with all that owning a puppy involves – sharp teeth, smells, poop. A number of years back, I was a ‘perfectionist’ and serious ‘control freak’. This was part of my coping mechanism to keep functioning living with unresolved trauma and PTSD. I lived on my own and became OCD with everything having to be just right spot and hated when anyone entered my personal sanctuary and disrupted my space. Invasion caused me undue stress and anxiety.

Perfectionism is a burden
and a letting go through ACCEPTANCE
is liberating.

Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity
To ACCEPT the things I cannot change;
Courage to change the things I can;
And wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
ACCEPTING hardships as the pathway to peace; …



By working to understand and heal my past, helped me to reach a stage whereby I could accept things when they don’t go as planned (or should I say, to my ‘perfect expectation’… that’s a whole other blog topic!). 

Now, I think of the SERENITY PRAYER and if it something I can change, I’ll work to change it, otherwise I have to learn to let go of the things outside my control and ACCEPT.

When everyone else is falling apart,
be the voice of reason and calm.
That is the power of ACCEPTANCE.


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This week’s episode Caroline and Janet share what ACCEPTANCE means to them and how you too and find your way to peace through ACCEPTANCE.

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Strawberry Full Moon

3 June 2023 – Strawberry Full Moon

The Strawberry Full Moon is the cosmic arrival of summer (Northern Hemisphere) and is in Sagittarius, the archer. A sign that it is a time of truths being told, or at the very least an invite to be straight shooting – be blunt and speak up about things we have kept hidden.

It is called the STRAWBERRY full moon as it announces the season of strawberries, think of Wimbledon and bowls of sweet red strawberries topped with cream. To me personally, a lovely feeling of summer in the garden enjoying time with friends and family.

This full moon is a reminder, a shining beacon, to see the beauty around us and gently leading us to delve deeper in our spiritual growth.

Allow yourself to be immersed into its potent energy to bring back INNER PEACE and a renewed awareness of your Soul’s Purpose. Seek a way to bring space to allow the magnificent cosmic energies shift your focus and realign with harmony.

Stop rushing around in busyness – take a pause
and gives yourself  space to brings back peace and harmony

If you wish to know about INNER PEACE, please listen/watch Episode 6 of the ‘Heart and Soul’ show with myself and the incredible Caroline Palmy when we discuss how important finding INNER PEACE is in today’s world.

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