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Here we are almost half-way through 2022 and I’m only settling into some sort of creative flow after what only can be described as surviving the ‘rabbit hole’.

Now, I’ve not been shy in sharing with you how I have been struggling with mental health issues for as long as I can remember – and I was very proud of my work to keep them at bay quite well. Why, I even wrote a book ‘Write to Heal – 10 Ways to Use Writing and Words to Boost Your Well-being and Transform Your Life‘, in which I shared ten simple and effective tools to help take back control of your life and develop a more positive mindset to cope (I still stand by this book – some great stuff in there, if only I had listened to my own good advice!).

As it turned out my mental health was badly impacted by culmination of extenuating events (a stressful international move, building a house, lockdowns and health issues). Instead of things improving as Covid-19 eased it tight-grip and we moved in our new home, I was in freewill mode tumbling further and further in the dark abyss. Of course, I tried a number of things to save myself… but nothing worked. It was an incredibly frightening time.

Finally, I spoke to a GP who suggested that MENOPAUSE might just be the culprit. I was a little sceptical as I didn’t get the usual symptoms (night sweats, hot flashes, memory fog…). No, I am one of the few women where menopause causes SEVERE DEPRESSION (and I mean it was scarily severe). Fortunately, I was given HRT (Hormone Replacement Treatment) and within a week I felt like a completely different person, more like myself again.

So, at long last, I am rebuilding my life and finding my way to creating something that gives me purpose, provides interaction with people and allows me scope to write. I have almost completed the first year of my Masters in Creative Writing and looking forward to enjoying a summer reading a few more books from my TBR list.

If you are eagerly awaiting Book 2 in The Naked Knitting Club series – please be patient a little longer, until normal service is resumed. Thank you – it will be worth the wait! In the meantime, why not grab a copy of Book 1: Casting On (or re-read it).

The Naked Knitting Club – Book 1

UPDATES 2021 – Books etc.

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Well, after the rollercoaster year of 2020 I’m just about settling down again mid-2021. Between an international move, the endless challenges of renovating (no… more like a full build!), finishing my degree, compiling the ‘UPLIFT Book’ and dealing with the impact of Covid — I am finally able to breathe again!

Now, I have some time to consider my next step as expectations and best-laid plans all went out the window. I will definitely continue to write and am already half-way through the second book in ‘The Naked Knitting Club’ series. YES — after the success of book 1 – Casting On, quite a few people have been asking for book 2, excited to know what happens next to our lovely protagonist Cate. With that in mind, Book 1 has been given a new cover which will be continued across all the books in the series, and I have to say I love it!

There will be some promotional work on Book 1 over the next few months, with Book 2 due for release towards the end of this year in time for Christmas. I am also gearing up to record an audio version of Book 1 which will hopefully come out at some stage in 2022. (Keep up on developments regarding The Naked Knitting Club series by signing up to the mailing list here >>> TNKC_MAILING LIST

Don’t forget you can grab a copy of The Naked Knitting Club – Book 1: Casting On (eBook and paperback) on the Amazon store.

2019 in Review

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Tiny Tim: God bless Us, Every One!

— Charles Dickens, ‘A Christmas Carol’

Oh my goodness, it is hard to believe we are coming to the end of yet another year. Where does the time go? It has been a rollercoaster ride of a year for me and I wanted to share with you some of my literary highlights. And keep scrolling to the bottom where you will find a little extra Christmas story for you…

I re-publishing the first book in THE NAKED KNITTING CLUB series. I was delighted to bring the first book back out into the world under my own terms, and all is aligned for me to continue to write the follow-on books (yes, it is a series…) and publish with ALP House Publishing. This has taken the pressure off and I feel much happier to have control. Book 2 will be released in the first part of 2020 – click here to sign up to the mailing list to be kept informed.

I enjoy writing and 2019 also saw the ‘birth’ of two fiction books by Janet Groom. The first was WRITE TO HEAL, an opportunity for me to tell my own personal trauma to triumph journey (my old stories) and share 10 amazing techniques to aid healing using the power of WORDS and WRITING, from working on mindset through to forgiveness. In 2020, I am planning to set up an online course to accompany the book, and hold some ‘live’ workshops focussing on some of the key techniques and how to use them.

Then I has the privilege to work with ELLIE J. HART to assist her to produce her beautiful book of 52 quotes on the topic of ‘I CHOOSE…’. I adore this book and love that you can flick through and use the quote as a positive prompt for your day ahead. Ellie was inspired to write her book after reading the amazing story of Holocaust survivor Dr Edith Eger’s book ‘The Choice’, as it helped her transform her own life from victim to winner.

Then I discover an ebook I had written a few years ago LIVE THE RAINBOW, and decided to update it and re-release it. It is a bright book about using the power of colours to influence our lives in a positive and uplifting way. It includes a basic introduction to CHAKRA, CRYSTALS, and even rainbow-coloured FOODS.

Finally, the year ended on a high note as I was honoured to be part of an anthology book ‘VOICES OF HOPE’ compiled by Brenda Dempsey. It felt good to share my own personal journey from victim to finding my way to a happier life through books, words and writing. You can read my story, along with 30 other stories, in the book and be inspired that even when life throws you a curveball there is still HOPE to shift things around and create a life you enjoy. Oh, I am a now an Amazon Bestselling author!!

So, I am excited to get going with 2020, book 2 in The Naked Knitting Series is underway, and I have ideas for a few more books – some fiction and a few more non-fiction. Additionally, watch out for Creative Writing workshops and Retreats happening in the UK next year, and get started with writing your own books. If you are interested in writing your book or joining a workshop/retreat, please contact me – click here


With Love & Blessings


Janet Groom
Author, Writer, Book Coach & Transformational Life Coach

A Little Christmas Cheer For You!

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Top Ten Must Reads – 2018

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My favourite books of 2018 to add to your 2019 Reading List

“A book is a dream you hold in your hand.”

– Neil Gaiman

Books, Books, Books

As a writer, I am also an avid reader, although I must admit that in past commuting was my precious time to bury my head in a book and be transported to another world, or to be experiencing a different life through the eyes of someone else… it was pure magic! Now I have to make time to read, which has meant being open to reading e-books and listening to audio books, but my first love will always be a physical book in my hand.

So, here are my top book recommendations from my 2018 reading list, and it was really hard to narrow it down to my top ten!

1.  Rising Strong (by Brené Brown)

Want to know what makes for a ‘wholehearted’ life and how to weather the storms of life – then this is the book for you. Brené Brown is a researcher, who uses her data to find out the secrets to why some people fair better with life in general than others. It is about failing, getting right back up and going on. It certainly made me review my own life and how I can learn ways to shift negative patterns and adopt ways to begin living a ‘wholehearted’ and happier life.

I also listened to an audio book (Rising Strong as a Spiritual Practice) to accompany the book, which also reinforced her insights and learnings as share by the author at as live event.

2.  Recovery – Freedom from our Additions
     (by Russell Brand)

I listened to the audio book version, and I must say it was, at time hard to listen to Russell Brand drone on. However, that said, there were lots of insightful points. I don’t consider myself an addict, but there were definitely points that resonated with me. The AA 12 Step Program is also very valid to anyone who wishes to transform their lives and start to live a life of purpose. Check it out, and see what comes up for you.

3.  On Writing – A Memoir of the Craft  (by (Stephen King)

As a writer/author, this is a definite MUST READ… and so I dutiful read it. Yes, it is packed with lots of well-written anecdotal stories about Stephen King’s lengthy writing career, along with pointers on his writing style and tips.  Does it help you become a ‘bestselling’ author like Mr King? That I can’t say, but it will get you thinking about your own writing, and how you can improve it.

4.  Conversations with Me (by Caroline Palmy)

A beautifully written memoir of Caroline’s personal story to overcome the trauma and impact of divorce. I love the way it is structured with a series of questions she poses and then answers. It is open and honest, and offers the gift of ‘hope’ to anyone who is going through the same experience. Caroline proves you can get through it, and find yourself, and happiness, again.

5.  The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris (Jenny Colgan)

What’s not to love about this easy to read ‘Chick Lit’ book? It is set in Paris, a city I adore, and it has lots of chocolate in it, as well as romance. I admire her writing style and the story flowed well. Definitely a ‘feel good’ read, snuggled up on the sofa, with a cuppa and a box of chocolates at hand – perfect!

6.  Stop ‘Should-ing’ and Start Wanting (by Judith Quin)

Taking back control of your life, becoming ’empowered’ starts with your self-talk. In her debut book, Judith shares with us her story of removing the word ‘should’ from her vocabulary, and why we need to reconnect with what is right for us by ‘wanting’. Easy to read, with lots of great little exercises to do along the way too. Follow her advice and before long you will be living a life you WANT to live.

7.  This Book is Not for You (by Carole Boudreau)

A self-help book with a difference – it was written by the author for herself as a blueprint to FEEL GOOD, but she has kindly shared her learnings and practices with us. I liked Carole’s forthright style – she tells it as it is. Definitely crammed with tips for us all on how to tune in to feeling good again.

8.  Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life 
     (by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer)

I have listened to the audio book three times now, because I love his voice… it is so calm, reassuring and makes me feel good. In the book he shares his understand and learnings from researching Tao Te Ching and how we can adopt it into our lives. I must admit it is quite long, with some 81 verses. However, if you are on a spiritual journey, then I would definitely recommend it.

9.  How to Fall in Love (by Cecelia Ahern)

Not the best book from Ms Ahern, but it was an enjoyable read, and she is on the list because she is one of my favourite authors. I love her writing style and enjoy the references to life back in Ireland (this one is set in Dublin). Her sense of humour matches my own, and this book does not disappoint on that score. It is a corny ‘chick lit’ romance, and that was just want I needed when I read it.

10.  The Naked Knitting Club (by Janet Groom)

OK, I’m biased on this one – but why not, as it’s my list!
This is my debut novel, a ‘chick lit’. The story follows the life of Cate Taylor from when she makes a New Year’s resolution, which sets her on a path of transformation and stepping outside of her comfort zone. She ends up joining a ‘naked knitting club’ and her life starts to change. There is some knitting, but mostly is about relationships, friendships and life, with a little romance sprinkled into the mix.

Let me know what your top book recommendations, as I am now planning my reading list for 2019! Happy Reading 🙂

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Story Time


The Secret of Success


Who is Janet The Writer?

Janet the Writer is made up of many wonderful life experiences, a love of reading and an avid desire to bring joy into the world of others.

My journey has been a mixed bag of experiences, career paths, adventurers and travels.


Books saved me

I was born and was raised in Northern Ireland at the height of the “Troubles”.   It was not easy for me as a highly sensitive child to be under the constant fear of bombs and shootings.  I was fortunate to find solace and comfort in books.

Books were my way to escape from the, as it felt to me, cruelty of the real world.   I particularly adored that one book would take me on an adventure to Narnia – a strange and magical world filled with talking animals and the mystical Aslan; while another would have me experiencing life as a sleuth, side-by-side with Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple.

I was an avid reader and my mind was full of incredible stories – so much so that my imagination loved to invent its own stories too, in which I was the heroine and would slay some terrible fantasy monster to save the day.


Books for Learning

Books have always been important to me, even as an adult.   I have learnt so much from them.  

For example, I have learnt to communicate in several languages, which has aided me to connect with people in some of the countries where I lived and even I now where I currently reside in Switzerland.  

Additionally, books have taught me about how to transform my life using an array of alternative coaching methods.   I have enjoyed whipping up fabulous desserts and cakes from our ever-growing selection of cookery books.  I have laughed and cried at the ups and downs of life, felt the hopelessness and despair of failed romances, and even stood teetering, hand in hand with the main protagonist, on the edge of a giant abyss called “depression”.


Many Forms of Writing

Even when I look back over my “work life”, I realise how important the written word had been.

When I first starting working as a secretary/PA, typing up endless communications and reports, I realised how important the information being conveyed to the recipient could be.   As an IT Trainer, I supplemented my live training sessions with ‘easy-to-follow how-to manuals’, broken down into to step-by-step instructions on how to complete a task from start to finish.  

During my stint working as an Economic Research Assistant, I spent most of my time researching information and summarising the key points in a easy to read digest.  As a Project Manager, I would compile constant reports detailing statistical data on how the project was going.  

As well as on a personal basis over the years, writing endless letters and newsletter sharing with our family and friends back home, our exploits and adventures in foreign lands (this was the era before FaceTime/Skype and Emails, when you had to put pen to paper to stay in contact).


Words are Truly Powerful

WORDS really can convey an emotion, or conjure up an image of a fantasy creature, or share with you the sensual delights of an experience.

I have always dreamed of writing books, lots of them, and now is my time to step up, kick fear into touch, grab my pen and start allowing my stories to flow.

I invite you to get to know me better through my writing – and I am sure that some of you will relate to some of my stories and experiences.   Please don’t forget to let me know your feedback and comments – I’d love to hear from you.


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