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Joanna is a spiritual mentor for the logically-minded. She helps those who are spiritually curious but tend to overthink, question and analyse to add intuition and spiritual connection to their bag of tricks so that they can overcome any self-imposed limits and fully come back into their own knowing.  Joanna believes that the secret to success and fulfilment is the ability to combine our intelligence and analytical thinking with our intuition and power to be more intentional about life – and success. If you suspect that there is something more out there for you to tap into but don’t know where to start, Joanna will show you the way!

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In today’s episode:

  • Get to know Joanna and her mission to support others to be #SoulSmart
  • High Vibrational energy makes the difference to manifesting a successful life
  • Staying in an High Vibrational energy is a deal changer
  • Connecting with your Successful Self
  • Check out Joanna’s freebies

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