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KATE JONES is a ‘Facebook Queen’, author and all round amazing lady. At the age of 55, her lifelong self-limiting view of never being ‘good enough’ in any sphere of life, led her to the decision to take a totally radically and different approach. What followed was a powerful process of personal growth that has led to her becoming a published author, with a second book coming out (April 2019) that has taken her over 30 years to complete.

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In today’s episode:

  • Get to know KATE JONES
  • Find out about Kate’s first writing venture (co-authoring a book)
  • Why her limited beliefs and doubts held her back from writing
  • The joy of finally admitting she is an author
  • What she has learned by giving herself permission to write
  • Kate’s teaser about her debut YA fiction/fantasy novel (due for release April 2019)

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