Unlock Your Soul Purpose

Gain clarity and align with your Soul for guidance

Spiritual Life Coaching
Align with Soul-led Living

As a certified Life Coach and Spiritual Life Coach, I have an array of tools, techniques and practices to guide to release yourself from trauma/grief or blocks which weigh you down and hold you back.  This clears the way for you to find clarity on your Soul Purpose and together we plan how you will move forward to create a life you love.

Unlock Your Soul Purpose


1:1 Coaching
£750 (via Zoom)


Session 1: What you wish to change and how you wish you life to be

Session 2: Focus on Releasing Past Trauma

Session 3: Clearing Energetic Blocks

Session 4: Healing Your Heart

Session 5: Realign with your Soul Purpose

Session 6: Make an Action Plan to keep moving Forward

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