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Dear Magical Soul

Hello and welcome, my name is Janet Groom…

and my Soul Purpose is to support people to heal past traumas and energy blockages to find clarity and through listening to their own Soul’s wisdom.

We are all here to find our way to living a life that we love and makes us happy.

When you learn how to release old negative thoughts and habits and tune into the deep knowing of your Soul (your inner GPS), your life will magically transform. You will have clarity on your purpose, your passion(s) will be re-ignited and your energy will increase. You will feel empowered to enjoy your life and find resilience to cope with those inevitable bumps along life’s path.

I have been interested in spiritual healing since my childhood. I grew up in Northern Ireland at the height of ‘the Troubles’ and as a sensitive and empathic child, it caused me so much confusion, pain and suffering.

In my effort to heal myself, I have studied a wide-range of healing techniques from working with the mind to finding my way to deeper healing as a Spiritual Life Coach, Soul Energy Healer and Empathic Intuitive. I am also a qualified NLP and Hypnosis Practitioner and Reiki Master.

I have, and continue, to work on healing and walking my spiritual path. Finding my way to healing my energy systems and realigning with my Soul – life has been incredible and my wish is to support you to find your way to freeing yourself from suffering and empowering you to live a life you love.

Right now many aspects of our lives may feel heavy and difficult, and when you thinking of healing, it may feel that it will also be an extra heavy burden to deal with in your already overwhelming schedule.

I am here to share with you that I totally understand and I want you to know that I aim to make the process lighter, easier and even fun. I know that there will be times when it is challenging – you are not alone when we work together.

If you find it hard to talk about past traumas, or unable to identify them, don’t worry as working with energy uses a holistic approach which goes straight to the core of the issue. Many people find this less triggering and when I add in sound frequency meditations, many clients love the deep and restorative aspect to this form of healing.

Janet helped me to make sense of my life after feeling stuck for so long. It was wonderful to find clarity and be able to move forward again in my life. I feel free and it has allowed me to find joy in writing poetry to express myself. My soul feels renenergized and I am more resilient when life challenges arise. I love my life again – I feel a renewed passion for living.

Carol B.


My life was in crisis when I reached out for help and Janet turned out to be my very own earth angel. She gently supported me to heal and find my way back to feeling empowered about my life again. You must be prepared to do the work and really desire to change and Janet will be by your side along the way with lots of tips and wisdom.


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