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Write Your SOUL MAGIC Business Boosting Book


Unlock the Power of Your SOUL WISDOM and Grow Your Business by writing a book

Grow your Audience and Get known as the Expert in Your Field

Allow your book to open the door to new opportunities – guest on podcast shows, speaking events, radio etc.

Share Your Unique SOUL
Wisdom & Expertise

Are you a spiritual coach, healer, or entrepreneur with a passion for transforming lives?

Do you dream of expanding your reach, sharing your wisdom, and making a lasting impact?

Imagine the possibilities that await when you harness the incredible power of the written word!

Plan, Write, Publish & Promote Your Book with Ease

Writing a Book without support and guidance can be a daunting journey. The path to crafting a compelling and well-structured Book is often riddled with challenges.

You may struggle without the expertise and guidance of a mentor navigating the intricacies of Book creation. Taking your book idea from conception to publishing, can feel overwhelming at times. This program takes you through each step of the process, helping you to navigate the entire process from end-to-end.

Writing your book should be a fun and enjoyable experience.

Write Your Business Boosting Book

What you’ll gain

This course is your key to unlocking the full potential of your spiritual mission by crafting a compelling Book that not only shares your unique insights but also grows your business in profound ways.

Join us on this transformative journey, and let your Book be the beacon that shines your spiritual light to the world. Your words have the power to heal, inspire, and empower, and it’s time to share them with those who need them most.

Your soul-aligned audience is waiting to discover your wisdom and get to know YOU.

Don’t keep them waiting!

Allow your book to connect you!

A Powerful Book

Learn how to create a Book that encapsulates your spiritual and soul wisdom, teachings, and unique perspective. It’s your message, your way!

Increased Visibility

As you publish and promote your Book, you’ll reach a wider audience and attract more clients who resonate with your spiritual mission.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the wisdom of an experienced author/indie publisher who understand the spiritual business landscape.

Enhanced Credibility

Elevate your authority in your field as an author, healer, and guide while gaining the trust of your audience.

Close Your Eyes and
Just Imagine Craddling a Copy of Your Book!


I know the difference it has made to me through writing my books and how a simple ebook will open doors to growing your audience and business.

Having written 6 non-fiction books (ebook and paperback formats)… and counting, I know how challenging it can be to figure how all the ins and outs from planning to publishing. It is like buiding a house – yes, you can do it alone, but I’m sure you would agree it would probably not be wise unless you are a builder/plumber/electrian/joiner… I think you get the idea. The same goes for planning, writing and publishing a book.

Doing it together we can avoid the expensive pitfalls. And just imagine how you will feel holding a copy of your first ever book… that’s SOUL MAGIC!


Who is Janet Groom?


Hello Gorgeous Soul,

I am an author/writer, spiritual life coach and soul magic coach.

My passion is to share good stuff out into the world, and right now the world needs it!

My skillset is diverse from IT Trainer, Project Manager in my previous corporate life, to having a diluge of spiritual and life coaching qualifications (I love learning!)

I also have a degree in Linguistics and Creative Writing, and while studying for an MA in Creative Writing, I was part of the Editorial/Publishing team for my cohort’s edition of ‘Feast’, a collection of poem, short stories and TV drama scripts.

Books are important to me and I believe our stories/experiences/knowledge is our gift to the world.

Make your book part of your legacy for UPLIFTING
and INSPIRING the world!


janet groom headshot photo colour

Janet Groom

Author/Writer/Indie Publisher, Spiritual Life Coach and Soul Magic Coach
Co-host of The Heart & Soul Show

Head shot Caroline Palmy

‘Janet is always super prepared.’

Janet is always super well prepared and caters to the needs of her audience.

Taking a class with her for how to share your book with the world is invaluable. Take advantage of her expertise.

Susanne Mueller, MA

Executive Leadership Coaching, Author of ‘Take if from the Ironwoman’,  ‘Lipstick Leadership’
Weekly Blogger and Podcaster, TEDx Speaker


The Soul Magic Book Writing Program

Write Your book to GROW Your Business

The program duration will be 6-months (with a further 6 months access to trainings).

The key 8 modules are outlined below.

Over the 6-months there will be a series of ‘live’ training sessions on Zoom and access to ‘how-to’ video courses
(you will have access to all recorded session and the how-to courses for up to six month after the program concludes)

You will have access to a PRIVATE Facebook Group to share your progress and ask questions.

The package includes 3 x 1:1 mentoring calls, including feedback on your ‘final’ manuscript.

**If you need help with the more challenging technical aspects of publishing your book, we offer a special ‘Done4You’ Publishing Package at a discounted rate.





Introduction to Your Book Journey

Explore the journey ahead and understand the process to take your idea through each stage to reach your goal of a published book.

  • Why Books are a get Business Boosting Tool
  • The advantages of digital publishing
  • Success stories of self-published authors
  • Identifying your target audience and niche
  • Setting goals for your Book project


Planning Your Book

In this module you will brainstorm your ideas and allow the book idea to take shape. You will understand your WHY, WHO and WHAT.

  • Brainstorming Book ideas and topics
  • Conducting market research and identifying trendss.
  • Defining your Book's unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Outlining your Book's structure and chapters
  • Tune into your motivating WHY




Writing and Content Creation

This is the stage where you will start to add flesh to the bones of your book’s chapter outlines with some tips. to re-use content you already have.

  • Setting up a writing schedule and workspace
  • Developing an engaging writing style
  • Tips for Content Creation
  • Crafting compelling and engaging content
  • Tips to overcome Writer's Block


Editing and Proofreading

Once you have written the first draft, it is time to switch from creative mode to editor mode. You need to make space to check, revised, edit and proof your book.

  • Importance of editing and proofreading
  • Self-editing techniques and tools
  • Check Design and Look
  • Working with professional editors and proofreaders
  • Ensuring your Book is error-free and polished




Designing Your Book Cover and Interior

This is an exciting stage of the process as you start to feel your book is coming to life.

  • Creating an eye-catching Book cover
  • Where to get help for Cover Design, Interior etc.
  • Formatting your Book for various devices
  • Ensuring a reader-friendly layout
  • Adding Links, Sign up and Ways to Connect



In this course work through options to self-publish your ebook on two of the popular options: Amazon KDP and IngramSpark.

  • ISBN Numbers
  • Setting Up an Amazon KDP Account and uploading files
  • Kindle Unlimited - Yes or Now
  • Setting up an IngramSpark Account and Uploading files
  • Advanced Readers and Reviews




Marketing, Promotion & PR

Your book is almost ready to publish and it is time to let the world know it is coming.

  • Developing a pre-launch marketing plan
  • Building an author platform and online presence
  • Strategies for gaining reviews and visibility
  • Lead Magnet, Freebies and Offers
  • Launch Day - Celebrating Your eBook Birth


Post-Publication and Beyond

Your Book has been published and it is important to know how to track sales and think about next steps.

  • Monitoring sales and performance (dashboards)
  • Updating and revising your Book
  • Expanding your Book publishing portfolio
  • Exploring additional publishing platforms and opportunities
  • Your Next Step


Head shot Caroline Palmy

‘Janet is simply amazing.’

I have known Janet for a while and we do the ‘Heart & Soul Show’ together. Janet has great insights as an empath and spiritual life coach.

And she has been amazing producing our incredible Heart & Soul eBook series – she has great creative ideas to get it just right.

Caroline Palmy

Heart Flow Healer, Author, Speaker & Podcast Host

Are you Ready to Write Your Book?

TIME to STOP making excuses and make the decision JUMP in and get writting to create a book to elevate your business.

Afterall, your audience is waiting and deserve to hear from you. They want to learn your very own special SOUL MAGIC!


Do you have some questions?

Here are the answers to some of the questions or concerns you may have.

Will I have a published Book at the end of the program?

Potentially, you could have… However,  by the end of program you have have the skills and knowledge to produce a quality book and the know-how to self-publish, as well as ideas to market and promote your book.

What if I'm a Techno-phobe?

This program covers the use of some key software to produce the cover design, interior typeset and to upload files to Amazon KDP. If you would prefer, there is an option to add-on a ‘Done4You’ to cover these technical parts.  You will also receive some suggestions as to where you may find additional professional support, if needed.

What do I do if I don't have a clear book idea?

Don’t worry this program is designed to take you through the process of helping to identify your Book idea to align with your area of expertise, your ideal client audience and your intention for the book.

How can I write a Book when I am not good at spelling, or English is not my first language?

Once you have your idea, you will start to create an outline. This outline will give you the chapter ideas and then we work on ways to create the content (and you may already have content you can use). If you struggle with English and grammar – don’t worry there are tools you can use to help and we will make suggestions of where to find additional editing support if you need it.

Can I sell the Book on via Website?

YES, absolutely.
It is your book to sell where you like.
(NOTE: this will mean you cannot sign up to the Kindle Unlimited option).

Who owns the Rights to my book?

YOU DO.  A key reason to choose to SELF-PUBLISH means you own all the rights to your book and will receive the royalties. We are not a vanity press who will try to get you to sign your rights away – we care about you and your book!